This Week in Stanford 2/28/11-3/6/11

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Happy March? I should really stop trying to put intros on these posts.

  • Stanford has its foot on the site Luminosity, highlighted by Time Techland
  • Stanford is headed to the US Supreme Court to rule on a patent dispute with Roche. We’ve discussed Stanford’s IP policy before, and they clearly mean it to have fought this long in court
  • Caroline O’Connor, MA and Levinthal Fellow, has a blog post on the Harvard Business Review about how the Launchpad course offered by the encourages pivots (big strategy changes). The only question left is whether they also teach you how to pivot a couch
  • Michelle Monje and her neurology group have found a target for treating a type of childhood brain cancer
  • John Taylor, economics professor, has been quoted as support for the GOP’s budget cuts that cutting government spending will create jobs. His original blog post is here
  • John Williams, the new president of the SF Fed and PhD ’95, has a profile in the Wall Street Journal
  • Alex Stavros, GSB student, is quoted in this article about the importance of writing and communication. I recommend we ship off PWR from undergrad education to the GSB


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