USC Fraternity Email goes Viral

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Our Kappa Sigs aren't the only ones who've hit a rough patch

I was sitting at Stern Dining last night in an attempt to keep myself awake to study. That location is a pretty mixed bag when it comes to people working quietly, laughing with their friends, or just grabbing a bite to eat from The Dish. Last night was one of the particularly noisier times and one subject repeatedly surfaced amongst different groups. I first noticed a rather obnoxious animated group of freshmen boys behind me gather around a laptop, laughing about some “hilarious” email that got leaked at USC. A few minutes later, the girls at a table to my left started talking about a link shared on Facebook about USC’s chapter of Kappa Sigma being under investigation. It came full circle when the friend I was sitting with read aloud from one of the most vile and offensive emails I’ve had the displeasure of seeing.

The intent of the email, reportedly sent by an unidentified member of the fraternity, was to start a “Gullet Report” about which girls are most willing to have sex and which brothers are getting the most action. One of the earliest lines in the email reads:

Note: I will refer to females as “targets”. They aren’t actual people like us men. Consequently, giving them a certain name or distinction is pointless.”

And it just gets worse and worse from there. The author runs down a list of key terms, describing different types of “pie” (vaginas) and the various methods to be utilized to “take down” certain targets. One such example is the Loop n’ Doop:

Loop n’ Doop: A target that is very easy to take down. All she takes is a good amount of liquor (loop) and she will be good to go for you to f*ck her (doop). Be careful with loop n’ doops, because too much loop and they will get sick and be useless entities.

The young man becomes increasingly misogynistic as the letter continues. As if it weren’t enough to reduce women to sexual targets and describe activities bordering sexual assault, he is sure to include different pie-related (blackberry, lemon meringue, etc.) code words for “targets” of various races. He asks his brothers to avoid having relations with Middle-Eastern girls, telling them to “exhibit some patriotism and have some pride. You want your c*** smelling like falafel? Filth.” I am unable to (and have no desire to) fully articulate the extent of the repulsive and derogatory language used in the email, but you can find it in its entirety on Jezebel.

Commentors have suggested that the email was meant for entertainment, but few are finding its disgusting content funny. As reported by the Daily Trojan, Kappa Sigma’s nationals are currently holding an investigation. The same article contains quotes from the chapter president as well as the presidents of USC’s Panhellenic council and Interfraternity council. Many are apologizing, calling the email insulting and degrading. It is apparently yet to be determined who actually wrote the document. In fact, there is some speculation amongst the aforementioned officers about whether “such a member exists”, as though the dissemination of the email was an elaborate scheme to slander Kappa Sigma’s reputation.

There are still few substantial answers available, but one enraged USC student has gone to Jezebel with her version of events. According to the anonymous student, the email was originally written in January. Its author supposedly meant for it to be taken quite seriously and actually did receive gullet reports from his frat brothers. The student expressed her anger at the author, the Daily Trojan, and university officials for the handling of the events in three main points.

1. the email is real, NOT SATIRE/A JOKE, and 100% originated from USC’s Kappa Sig. I even heard the author actually received “gullet reports.”

2. The author has been expelled from the frat – but only now that this has come to light. The original email was sent in January.

3. IFC, Kappa Sig, and the Daily Trojan are obfuscating the facts to try and put the blame outside USC and save the image of the Greek system/the university.

Here is her full explanation of the events leading up to the leak, the name of the frat brother who authored it, and details on his expulsion from the fraternity. Seeing how fast the email spread around Stern Dining, you can imagine how fast it spread on the web. In addition to Jezebel, The Huffington Post and various other news outlets have covered the story. To my surprise, Total Frat Move does not appear to have made any comment.


12 Responses to “USC Fraternity Email goes Viral”

  1. Roger says:

    It still does not seem as bad the Duke girl’s powerpoint that objectified men and revealed pictures/names of all the men she had on her list of “targets.” It’s only when men treat sex like a game that it is somehow wrong, but our society is so hyper politically correct that when act just like the same stereotypical frat boys, it’s considered completely acceptable. …but what are we to expect from the hyperliberal establishment?

  2. Rose says:

    I disagree. The email is objectively worse than the Duke girl’s powerpoint. I get your point though… If a woman wrote this email and changed all the pronouns/nouns to target men, people would be upset, but not to the same degree. But that doesn’t mean it is not absolutely terrible.

    The Duke girl wasn’t racist or incredibly degrading. She did not refer to the men she slept with as objects. She was just exposing personal information about people she had sex with. Classless, yes, but not to the degree of the Kappa Sig email. And she did not spread it to her a large group of people telling them to treat other people like objects for sex and then rank them by some inane ranking system.

    “Non-consent and rape are two different things. There is a fine line, so make sure not to cross it.”

    It’s just a shame that people think this way (referring to the author of the kappa sig email).

  3. Roger says: – This is a cool tool you might be interested in. If you feel an article sets a double standard for either men or women, you can run it through the website.

    I believe the Duke girl was incredibly degrading. In her powerpoint she encouraged the sort of behavior that is reflected by this email. In her grading scale she gave extra points to men who were “aggressive”, “controlling”, etc. As to her claims of not planning for the email to spread, that’s what she said after her objectification and ranking of men spread across all the internet. And yes, she did treat the men like objects for sex and she did develop a points system (that is conveniently blurred out on jezebel’s image and blocked out of most copies offered on websites).

    The reason I respond so sharply is that I’ve seen this email make the chatlist rounds, and people are making vast assertions about how it reflects fraternity life or the way most males think, which is unhealthy stereotyping. That’s as if I were extrapolate on the multiple false rape accusations reported daily as reflective of the lying nature of women. It’s just stupid for people to take the worst examples of one group of people and then see them attempt to subtly use those poor examples to stereotype.

    Jezebel found the Duke girl’s email to be entertaining and lighthearted, despite the damage it did to the men with whom she slept. Jezebel outright condemned this email.

    It’s not that I am not disgusted by the email. I am. But as an avid reader of both feminist and men’s rights blogs, I am aware that the links revealing nasty elements about one gender seem to get more attention in lefty liberal environments such as Universities. And I get pissed off at idiots like the author of the email for giving feminists more fuel for their bigoted views against men.

  4. veronia says:


    You’re an idiot.


  5. Thinking Cap says:

    @ Roger

    You left out a lot of important words, so it was really difficult to make out what you were saying.

    If I understood you correctly, you think there’s a double standard between the way we react when men objectify women and when women objectify men. While I won’t say that women objectifying men is okay (two wrongs don’t make a right, right?), men objectifying women is much worse.

    It’s a matter of power, and men do still hold more power in our society than women do. It has greater consequences in terms of culture, legislation, jobs… etc. if a man thinks and treats women as sexual objects than if a woman does so to men. (Again, that’s not to say that either case is okay.) Women just don’t have the same pull in society that male privilege affords to men.

  6. Roger says:

    Haha…men hold greater power than women in society? That’s why men outnumber women on death row by more than 100-to-1. That’s why men take on all the low-end jobs in society where they are likely to die (coal mining, military, etc). That’s why women are excluded from the draft. That’s why despite the fact that women physically abuse their husbands the same amount – if not more often – than husbands physically abuse their wives that women rarely get imprisoned for the abuse they do, but there is never any question if the person being accused is a man. That’s why a majority of single homeless people are men. That’s why men commit suicide much more often than women. That’s why it’s okay for men to suffer genital mutilation. That’s why our healthcare system sets aside billions of dollars for women’s health issues and ignores health problems specific to men. That’s why there are more women in higher education than men. That’s why more men than women lost jobs in the recession. That’s why there are laws boosting the tax rate on financial firms for every male intern or staff member they hire. That’s why men who take up lucrative and rewarding careers such as nursing, education, or healthcare are derided by both men and women as not being “real men.” That’s why women chided men who weren’t fit to serve in WWII with white flowers in an attempt to publicly shame them. That’s why fathers continually have their parental rights taken away as a result of biases in Family Courts. That’s why women can get abortions covered by federal money, but feminists are trying to halt paternity tests from being publicly funded. That’s why despite the fact that the biggest victim of violent crime and war are men, but the United Nations is instead developing an entire programme dedicated to women only. That’s why there are shelters for physically abused men, but none for physically abused women. That’s why men can be put to death or in jail on false rape accusations with the simple say-so of a woman (Emmet Till, Duke, Hofstra anyone?).

    “While I won’t say that women objectifying men is okay (two wrongs don’t make a right, right?), men objectifying women is much worse.”

    What’s sad about comments like these – beyond the inherent discrimination and devaluation of one half of the population – is that they almost do as much to hurt people as intentional bigotry. Playing the victim card encourages people to victimize themselves in a sick cycle. History shows this to be a path to cyclical oppression (situations in Rwanda and the DRC being the best recent examples).

    I am getting carried away though. What’s most important is that it appears you carry the same bias/stereotype of most of society. Your words hint that you believe that men are not hurt by being objectified. Treating and/or talking about men as if they are not human is not a problem. That’s the message I am getting from your comment.

    Men and women in our society have enforced a norm of men needing to “man up” when faced with problems. This is why there is a dearth of awareness about the sorts of oppressive forces that men have faced. That being said, awareness is slowly starting to hit the mainstream. Hell, I just came across this article today

    @Veronica: Your wit and intelligence skillfully elude me.

  7. Kathy says:


    Your post reminds me of the passage in 1984 where the author explains that in the future, where language is used as a tool of oppression, the declaration of independence would be completely incomprehensible to anyone reading it, as it would be translated in full to the word: ‘wrongthink’.

    You’ve depsitied quite a lot of ‘wrongthink’ here in two posts.

  8. Roger says:

    That’s an interesting analogy Kathy. I think a better term is “thought crime.” It’s a “thought crime” to challenge the distortions championed by radical feminism.

    For those doubting bias on the coverage, here is a comparison of comments on Jezebel: Duke reaction vs. USC reaction

  9. D says:

    Thank you. Spread that word.

  10. Valkyrie607 says:

    Roger is just another deluded, boring reactionary man who’s suffering backlash from women gaining equal rights. He can’t handle losing his male privilege, so he’s retreated into a fantasy world where women control everything and men are their hapless slaves. Just ignore him, he’s trying to derail, you know, as in, “What, a bunch of men being blatantly, destructively sexist towards women? uh, quick… LOOK OVER THERE at that lady who was saying mean things about some doodz she slept with!”

  11. Trojan says:

    Damn! This is probably the best debate I’ve read in a comments section of a blog. Seriously, only Stanford people would be that passionate or provide that much evidence to support an argument they made on a blog. Kudos to you guys! You never fail to impress.

  12. Sarah – Pensions adviser essex says:

    You have explain it very very well but if you can add some photos that would be awesome because some people like me need graphical representations as well 😉


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