5 Things I Learned from the Asha Holi Festival

Posted by at 4:56PM

The Asha Holi Festival is an annual Indian festival that celebrates the arrival, vitality, and color of spring by having a huge paint fight. At this year’s event on Sandhill Fields, people got dirty, ate Indian food, and enjoyed a huge dance party. There’s nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon dancing in the sun covered in paint. But more than amusement, I learned life lesson’s from this year’s Holi.

1. No matter how pretty it is, do not taste the rainbow. I got a mouth full of pink today and the texture and flavor isn’t for everybody.

Blue skies and multicolored people.

2. Color is a viable alternative to clothes. I’m not referring to nudity here but paint powder did seem to replace tops for some people.

3. Apparently, the phrase “Happy Holi!” makes up for any form of overly intimate contact with strangers. Rub your face? Grab your shoulder? Just say that phrase and everything’s good.

4. Even though there were musical performances and the field was just as messy as most packed concert venues, the Holi Festival was not a rock concert. This means that most people will look at you like you’re insane if you randomly try to crowd surf or start a mosh pit at a packed festival.

5. Little kids are cute with guns. Squirt guns, of course. Or giant super soakers. Even if they’ve just shot you in the face, they’re so tiny that it makes everything okay.

Moral of the story: HAPPY HOLI!



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