Six Word Story Contest Winners

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A huge thanks to everyone who participated in our Six Word Story Contest! We had over 125 entries, and so many of them were fantastic.

We’ve selected three prize winners, with a good mix of plot, humor, and wit:

Freud seems skeptical about that third one.

Tree falls, crushes mime.  No sound. by Seth.

Large crowd, cheering my name? …Zombies! by Sophie.

Freud slipped and yelled “Mother Fucker!” by Carlo.

These were also great, and definitely worthy of an honorable mention:

To do: Overthrow Dictator, Celebrate, Repeat.
It seems counterintuitive, but trust me.
Julius Agreer came, saw, and concurred.
The men never saw Earth again.
Gun-show ticket scalpers never succeed.
Fwd: fwd: I moderately support this!
Jack Bauer, Red-Green colorblind. Boom.
Hitting command+S: illusion of productivity.
Six foot woman, five foot coffin.
For sale: Hemingway book, never read.
Horse tattoo is now a giraffe.
Fired employee stole rope and stationery.
In search of baby. Have shoes.
For sale: assless chaps. gently used.
Invisible sheep make herding more fun.
Jedi mind trickster gains free refills.
Scrabble in Chinese was really hard.

Thanks again for all the entries, all but one of which were actually six words long! Well done! Our winners will receive a brand-spanking new TUSB t-shirt, as well as a gift certificate.



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