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You applied. You got in. You conquered. And now, Admit Weekend will officially start tomorrow! And I know that’s far too long to wait to  start exploring the Farm! Although its hard to imagine, once you come to this school, the shiny front page that introduces you to Stanford takes a back seat to all the other websites that students use to keep track of their lives.

Here are a few websites you can check out before and after you get here:

It's so pretty! If you can't wait, check out these websites before you arrive.

For current school presidentsASSU

The Associated Students of Stanford University, including an undergraduate executive and senate, spend the year developing programs and initiative to promote wellness, health, academic sanity, and more on campus. From voting efforts to sustainability, this group has a major impact on what happens on our campus.

For those who are more civic mindedHaas Center For Public Service

I honestly think that the Haas Center is an under utilized haven for those interested in public service. So before you get lost in classes and friends, if you have a public service project I suggest you check out the Haas Center before you come.

For the party/event hopper –  Fountain Hop,  Events at Stanford

This is Stanford. President Obama landed here a week ago to chat it up at Facebook. Joseph Gordon Levitt spoke on campus Monday. Stuff happens.

For the acclaimed artist/writer/musician Stanford University Arts Initiative

After just coming out of the massive, art-filled event that was Vision Earth, its clear that Stanford has a thriving arts community. But Stanford also does all it possibly can to help provide for those students who choose to delve deeper into their own creative works. There’s a lot of talk about being a techie, but I promise that Stanford loves its fuzzy art students too!

For those who don’t know what’s in the 4 years ahead of themUndergraduate Academic Life

The Undergraduate Academic Life website may become your best academic counselor freshmen year. Not only is it the only way you can sign up for introductory seminars, IHUM and PWR, but it also lays out all the opportunities that Stanford provides solely for freshmen. It’s definitely worth scrolling through.

For those who have no idea what they want to take after they accept the admissions offer (cause once you come, you’ll never want to leave) – CourserankExplore CoursesCourseBubble

All those sites allow students to check out classes, what requirements they’ll meet, and, in some cases, what people thought of them the last time it was held. My only warning is to make sure you are looking at a class that is currently offered. I’ve been saddened to find that classes that I was growing steadily more excited  about hadn’t actually been offered in the past 3 years or so. Luckily, since I’m still taking classes here, there were plenty of current options to replace them.

For those who always want to know what’s happeningThe Stanford Daily

The Daily is Stanford’s quotidian newspaper (yes that word also means daily). It’s a nice way to catch up on the latest scandals around campus, such as our infatuation with hot prowl this year,  in addition to giving a brief description of cool events you didn’t have time to attend. There will be a lot of those. But there will be a lot more that you actually find time to attend.

And last but not least, the map: Stanford Campus Map

No matter how many quarters I’ve been here, at the beginning of every quarter I have to look up where all my classes are and figure out the easiest routes to travel during the day. The size of this campus is intimidating. I may have gotten lost one or five times when I was here over Admit Weekend myself. Check out the map. Learn the map. Love the map.

These are all just a taste of the pages we rifle through to figure out how we’ll spend our day. I left out a number of student publications, events pages, prominent student groups, and I’m sure other pages that I use often but take for granted. But that’s why you’re coming this weekend. That’s why you have a few thousand undergrads to help you out – whether its online or offline, explore Stanford!


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  1. lol says:

    There’s a whole big thing about hot prowling and then students try to host a party themed “Hot Prowl.” Oh lord the flippancy of Stanford students is awesome…

  2. Stan says:

    Stanford University is considered to be one among he top universities in the US. Checking out these websites would definitely make students especially the new ones feel anxious and at he same time exited about their first day in the school.


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