Why Stanford: Admit Weekend 2011

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The best place to spend the next four years of your life. (Photo cred: Molly MacKenzie)

The sun is shining brightly.  The track and fielders are thwarting gravity right outside my window, and Stanford’s very own Wind of Freedom is lilting happily through the trees.

As I write this post, gazing happily from the relative calm of the Visitor Information Center, it is easy to forget that we are about to be invaded.  Swarmed.  Rendered under siege.  But actually.  Starting this Thursday, good luck biking anywhere, ’cause we’ll all be wading waist deep through ProFros and their parents.  Oh, baby, it’s Admit Weekend season.

Welcome, ProFros, to the TUSB “Why Stanford” list.  The all-inclusive, ever-so-persuasive, quantitative canon of why you really should just click “yes” already and spend Admit Weekend living it up with your future classmates.  Using the latest and greatest metrics Stanford has to offer, I am about to blow your inquisitive minds as only a tour guide can.  Drumroll please….

5.  We Got Game:  #1 Division I Athletics Program

Come watch our BCS Bowl football team, #1 men's swimming team, women's basketball Final Four team, etc., etc.

  • Every year, the Director’s Cup is given to the #1 Div. I athletics program in the nation.  We’ve won it for the last 16 years.
  • If Stanford had been its own nation in the 20048 Beijing Olympics, we would have placed 19th in the world.
  • We have 35 Varsity sports.
  • We have extensive club and intramural sports programs, including sports as diverse as Ultimate Frisbee, inner-tube water polo, sand volleyball, and basketball.
  • All Stanford sports games (besides playoffs) are FREE to all Stanford students.
  • 83% of Stanford students participate in some sort of athletic activity.  This is because we have amazing activity and athletic course offerings.  After Stanford’s classes in sailing, fencing, and archery, you, too, can kick it like Captain Jack Sparrow.  Word.

Stanford alumna Sigourney Weaver rocks the Cardinal

4.  So Hot Right Now:  the Value of the Stanford Brand

In case you missed my earlier article on How Stanford is Redefining Cool, let me break it down for you.  Stanford has been the #1 dream school according to Princeton Review surveys for the past three years.  We have over a dozen career fairs on campus every year, because international employers respect the value of a Stanford education and swarm our campus on a regular basis to recruit our talent.  Not convinced?  How about Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck giving up a probable #1 NFL draft pick and multimillion dollar starting salary to finish out his senior year?

If you’re reading this as a ProFro, major props – you conquered a 7% admissions rate to be where you are today.  Consider, for a moment, the flip side of the coin.  32,022 students applied this year.  That’s approximately the population of Monaco.  You’re in a tremendously desirable position.  You were one of the chosen few, and you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the best four years of your life here at Stanford.

3.  The Wind of Freedom Blows: Because Every Top-Notch Education Deserves a Top-Notch Campus

The school your school could smell like.

Stanford is 96 times the size of Disneyland Park.  8180 acres.  The third largest contiguous college campus in the world.  Serious student that you are, you really don’t want to admit that weather or scenery is playing a role in your college decision.  But let’s be real for a moment and acknowledge that it is.

At what other elite university can you be 45 minutes from the beach and 4 hours from the slopes?  Name, if you can, another university with a 2,000 acre biological preserve, Olympic swimming pools, an on-campus golf course and driving range, equestrian barn, hospital, indoor rock climbing facilities, and dozens of practice fields?  I can’t.

Consider, if you will, the buildings.  The new Science and Engineering Quad opened this past summer and boasts a 130,000 square foot engineering center, a state-of-the-art building dedicated to energy and the environment, and one of the world’s largest centers for nanotechnology.  Science not your thing?  What about the Bing Concert Hall?  Set to open this fall, its acoustics were designed by the same folks who designed the Disney Concert Hall in L.A., and once completed it will be the largest indoor venue on campus.  Still not impressed?  What about the brand-spankin’-new Knight Management Center, the beautiful Archaeology Center, our on-campus Cantor Arts Museum, or the breathtaking Memorial Church?

For gratuitously beautiful photos of campus, check out the Viewbook, the Stanford slideshow, or Stanford’s photo albums on Facebook.

2.  Rock Me, Academics:  Top Scores Across the Board

A mechnical engineering student completes his gecko-like "stickybot." (Photo cred. Linda Cicero)

The U.S. News & World Report ranks Stanford in the top 10 in each and every one of its humanities and sciences

categories.  We have top 5 rankings in chemistry, economics, English, mathematics and sociology, and number one rankings in biology, statistics, history, political science, psychology and physics.

Likewise, the National Research Council has ranked every Stanford engineering department among the
top 10 in its field. Aeronautics and astronautics, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering are ranked in the top 5.  (Credit: Stanford Viewbook)

The numbers don’t lie.  Stanford quantitatively has it covered across the board.

1.  Maybe You Can Have it All:  Endless Resources

The world is your oyster. It all starts here.

Stanford has incredible extracurricular resources that will enable you to pursue your passions and personalize your Stanford experience like never before.

Want to study abroad?  Check out one of our eleven Stanford campuses overseas, where all your units, financial aid, and housing transfer.  Australia, Beijing, Berlin, Cape Town, Florence, Kyoto, Madrid, Moscow, Oxford, Paris, Santiago – half of all Stanford students study abroad in one of these incredible locations.

Passionate about the arts?  Apply for a Spark! Grant from Stanford’s Institute for Creativity in the Arts and let your imagination run wild – in photography, film, performance, sustainability, sculpture, you name it!

Interested in entrepreneurship?  Join any of Stanford’s dozens of entrepreneurial organizations, and compete in any of numerous competitions every year to win funding for your own start-up!

Want to study in-depth?  You can take a small, 12-14 student Introductory Seminar or Sophomore College class with a favorite prof.  You can get a fellowship to study Martin Luther King Jr.’s papers at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute.  You can engage intensely with peers in a student-initiated course.

Want to change the world?  You can get a community service grant to teach dance at juvenile prisons in San Francisco.  You can participate in Stanford’s Alternative Spring Break, engaging in service locally and across the country.  You can join any of Engineers for a Sustainable World‘s dozens of projects and make a difference in developing countries around the world.

The choice is yours.  The right choice is Stanford.


7 Responses to “Why Stanford: Admit Weekend 2011”

  1. Jared Lockhart says:

    I think the only other campus that I heavily considered along with Stanford was Duke, because of many of the reasons you mentioned above. I ended up choosing neither of the two, but that’s a different story. I think that the thing which turned me off towards Duke was the fact that it was on the east coast, and that the classes would have been harder because of a lack of grade inflation. Stanford seemed a better fit, though I wouldn’t argue the merit of the other organization.

  2. Kristi says:

    The MLK Jr. papers are at the MLK Jr. Institute, not the Hoover Archives, as I previously indicated. I apologize for the error. Thank you for your vigilance!

  3. Peter says:

    Great article! I just wanted to nitpick one thing because I see it a lot and it always kind of irks me:

    “If Stanford had been its own nation in the 2004 Beijing Olympics, we would have placed 19th in the world.”

    This is slightly misleading since you’re double counting Stanford athletes who received medals on the same team and comparing them to countries who only get one medal per team (i.e., 2 volleyball team members from Stanford count as two medals, whereas that’s only 1 medal for a country)

  4. Adam says:

    Wasn’t it the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

  5. Kristi says:

    Whoops, you’re totally right. I’ll fix that now. Thanks for catching that!

  6. TF says:

    Stanford would be 11th in the 2008 Olympics.

    Stanford is actually only 30 mins away from the beach – people just don’t appreciate the San Gregorio beach. 😉

    The biological preserve is 1,200 acres, not 2,000, although most of Stanford’s undeveloped land may become a preserve if the county re-zones it.

  7. christina garcia says:

    For some people it would be an honor to get into Stanford, for others it would be an honor to
    get into a good middle school or high school. Still, for a lot of kids, it would be a feat to get into
    any school at all. Please , do not knock what you have. Signed Off , Just an alcoholic parent
    whose child attends your fine institution,

    Struggling but in love

    Christina Garcia


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