Bridesmaids-A Nice Surprise

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I’ll admit I was skeptical when I first started hearing about the movie Bridesmaids and seeing the trailers for it.  The name sounded frightening enough, out right about the time of most weddings and thoughtless rom coms or chick flicks, including the Brides Wars of a few years past and the Something Borrowed out now.  These two movies not only had Kate Hudson in common but they also lacked the charm and humor at least of past movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding (that at least also had some justice, unlike Something Borrowed-recommended to not waste your money on that one).

It is nothing new to say that strong, leading roles for women have been disappearing faster than good, solid movies in general.  A bunch of women in a Judd-Apatow-like, gross-out comedy though?  Call it old-fashioned but for some reason The Hangover would not work as well with a group of four women.  It is not really fair but it just is not as funny.

Bridesmaids then was a pleasant, hilarious surprise.  There were a few pretty gross scenes (who can ever forget the dress store scene when the women all have food poisoning) but the movie’s best part was its heart.  Amidst the over-the-top gags and laugh-out-loud scenes there were some touching, quiet moments, especially between the two best friends (played by Maya Rudolph and a wonderfully quirky  Kristen Wiig).  More along the lines of Superbad, there is also a great part where Melissa McCarthy’s funny, take-charge character helps Kristen Wiig’s character out of her funk by literally biting her derriere and saying “I’m life.  It’s unfair and I’m biting you in the ass!”

Overall Bridesmaids was one of the funniest movies of 2011 and came together quite nicely.  Also, instead of leaving the movie theater with a headache, as most spring movies in the dead-zone after the Oscars and between summer blockbusters tend to give, I left the theater still laughing.



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