I Love Stanford in the Springtime.

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No, really.  There’s something magic about it, even if we are approaching that weird time of the quarter where you form weird temporary friendships in the library and what you think about is how many hours in a row you can spend studying before your head will explode and anything you attempt to learn after that point will translate in your brain recorder as “Me learn this.  Wait, try again.  Oh no! Brain fire!  Evacuate the building!”

Then again, maybe that last part is just me.  Anyways, even if finals are approaching, it’s still incredibly amazing to spend half an hour looking at Stanford like you are a tourist.  Pictures (there are lots!):

I love it all.  From the grassy knolls to the crowds of tourists to the cold fountains ripe for hopping to the towers and trees.  Maybe I’m getting nostalgic that my Stanford career is almost halfway over, but holy crap it is gorgeous here.

And as an added bonus, all pictures were taken from my crappy point-and-shoot.  Which is broken!  This is what the display screen looks like when you turn it on:

I cursed the sky when I first saw this, but now it’s tuned into this fun game and I think I take even more pictures now.  So give me the benefit of the doubt on the crappy amateur photography here.  Because Stanford is so gorgeous that even I can make it look good.


2 Responses to “I Love Stanford in the Springtime.”

  1. Kristi says:

    Wait a sec – did someone besides me just write a rah-rah Stanford post? 😉

  2. tusGraphGuy’s Mom says:

    I enjoyed this post. I like to see that my son is in a beautiful place even if he is sleep-deprived. And I know that he is lacking sleep not just from the work but because it is a vibrant with lots to do everyday (and because he procrastinates like crazy). Thanks for the positive view and good composition.


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