The Stanford Arts Review – A New Publication Discussing the Arts on Campus

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Stanford has musicians. Stanford has artists. Stanford has fashion designers. Stanford has writers. We create. But Stanford has not had (many) people who review these creations. Until now.

I recently got an email promoting a new institution devoted to the arts on campus, the Stanford Arts Review. It is an online publication currently staffed entirely by undergraduates and it looks like it is aiming to be the hub for conversation about the arts.

This arts review site is very new with archives only going back to April. It covers all kinds of arts activities: dance, fashion, film, literature, music, theater, and visual arts adorn its navigation bar. And the posts/pieces/stories/whatever-you-want-to-call-thems do not just cover on-campus student work and visiting performers, they also discuss creative culture outside the bubble, from exhibits in San Francisco to movies.

But why should we care about a site that talks about the arts? Wouldn’t it be more interesting to simply go to the concerts, the exhibits, or read the stories?

Well, I doubt anyone is an expert in film, fashion, music, visual art, literature, dance, and theater all at the same time. Nor does anyone have time to to see and experience all the arts on campus. This kind of publication can give you more background in areas of the arts you might not pay attention to, and it can show you what is going on in those areas you do care about. And for those students who aim to pursue an artistic career, getting feedback from other students is important.

Plus, it is awesome that they seem to be able to pull a discussion of all the different types of arts into one place. It highlights the breadth and depth of artistic culture we have on campus.

Anyways, go type into your navigation bar and poke around the website. Put it in your bookmarks bar and visit it regularly to keep up with artistic goings-on. You are going to procrastinate anyways, why not make it cultured procrastination that links you more deeply into your local arts community?


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  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks much for sharring your insight! Here’s something that might be of interest to the readers. Do check it out!


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