Pottermore: The Perfect Antidote To Your Post-Deathly-Hallows Blues

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For all those who are preparing for a mourning period after the credits roll on July 15th, while frantically re-reading and re-watching Harry Potters 1-6, fear not! The Potter franchise isn’t done yet (and now I’m having a hard time imagining a time when it ever will be done). Last week’s Internet freak-out over JK Rowling’s new, but simple, webpage was proof that the woman hasn’t finished with Harry yet.

Rowling’s anticipation-building marketing skills aside, this mysterious Pottermore website apparently promised to give Potter fans something. . .well, more. The big announcement, however, was not unveiled until yesterday morning when Joanne herself posted a video on the site and held a London press conference to give all the gory details.

According to her video, the new website, set to become available this October, will give “a safe, unique, online reading experience unlike any other.” In addition, it will for the first time offer the Harry Potter books in a digital form (something Rowling has resisted up to this point). The video statements about an “enhanced reading experience,” though vague and un-informing in themselves, are further explained in the accompanying press conference material. To get an actual idea of what’s next for Potter fans around the world, read the transcript. Or, just see the below highlights:

1. The website will include over 1800 words of new material, including backstories on characters like Professor McGonagall and the Dursleys, that never made it into the books.
2. It allows users to immerse themselves in the Potter world- you can shop for wands in Diagon Alley, travel from London’s King’s Cross train station, and be sorted into one of the four houses. Cool beans.
3. Games and activities galore!
4. Relive the story – up to a point. Apparently, the website will initially follow the plotline of the first book (Sorcerer’s Stone), but Rowling will add six other adventures later, probably with a few twists.

Harry Potter himself experiencing Pottermore

Site opens in October, but a lucky few will get to access it early. JKR recommends you come back on July 31st to find out how. Or you can just sit back and watch millions of people fight for the privilege – it’ll be fun.

So, until then, get ready for the sure-to-be-amazing last film with the following three samples of necessary Potter viewing:


Darren Criss being awesome

A Musical Medley and A Pipe Bomb


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