Web Mining Hackathon by AOL, Start X, and Diffbot

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Image Credit: Start X

I recently wrote about Start X, a non-profit startup accelerator that started at Stanford. Turns out they’re co-hosting an upcoming web mining hackathon along with AOL and Diffbot (one of the Entrepreneurs in Residence at Start X) on June 25th, 2011. Details below:

The web is quickly becoming the preferred platform for a new breed of applications that combine web data, data mining, and user experience. Come enjoy a night of hacking with other web mining enthusiasts brought to you by the friendly folks at AOL, StartX, and Diffbot.

Reserve your spot now at: http://webmininghackday.eventbrite.com

We’ll present a bunch of search APIs, text mining APIs, and a new type of API from Diffbot that does structure mining. Let’s see what we can build together.

1. Meet and network with other web mining experts, hackers, and students.

2. Learn about new semantic technologies and open web APIs.

3. See the new the AOL West Coast Headquarters, StartX, Stanford University’s startup accelerator. Have some pizza on us.

4. Hack on new ideas and show off your projects.

Quick Agenda:
1:00 – Overview of Web Mining and Diffbot

1:15 – Icebreaker and Team formation

2:00 – Start Hacking!

Ongoing – Office hours for those that have questions about the APIs or need help getting started.

6:00 – Food break

1:00a – Demos and Closing

RSVP at http://webmininghackday.eventbrite.com


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