The Countdown Begins…Now!

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Do you know what this week is?

Ok, for those of you who aren’t obsessively checking their calendars like I am, this week marks the midway point of summer.  Yes people, summer does come to an end and for many of us, we are in that odd point of the summer where many of our friends are prepping to return to school while an endless august stretches out before us.

But don’t freak out, September isn’t here yet, which means there’s still plenty of time to get the most out of the summer before returning to the Stanford grind.

So we at TUSB are bringing you Back-to-School Boot Camp (and for people who aren’t fans of the military, please don’t get up in arms about the name, it just sounds good), just our small way of helping you—our valued readers come to school being the best you can be (ok, no more military puns, they’re just too easy).

First up, how to get the best out of the rest of your summer

This is something I’m struggling with personally, especially since my summer is ending much sooner than I’m prepared for.  But to calm my anxieties, I came up with a personal To-Do list containing everything I want/need to do before the summer ends.

I considered posting my personal version, but at 33 “to-dos”, I thought for everyone else’s sanity it would be best if I didn’t. Instead, I’m doing a much better condensed version with 10 Most Important Things needed to have an amazingly awesome jealousy-inducing summer 2011.

Things TO DO Before School Starts:

10) Sleep!

9) Get a tan – Now I’m not advocating baking in the sun or lying under ultraviolet lights for extended periods of time. However, I am encouraging everyone to go outside. This is summer, so there’s no excuse for having the sickly pale skin indicative of staying indoors all summer staring at a computer. Save that for the school year when you have to spend 23 out of 24 hours at Meyer just to get through midterms.

8 ) See Harry Potter – I personally have yet too because I’m too much of baby to watch my childhood end with the final film credits, but everything must come to an end

7) Go on a Road Trip – Think of all those classic movies that extol the virtues of hitting the road and living life spontaneously. Follow in the footsteps of the greats, and create your own summer adventures that will create memories that will last forever. Even if you don’t have access to a car, be brave and see how far you get with public transportation (trust me, you will have stories)

6) Get your Notebook on (i.e. Find yourself a summer boo-thing) – Okay, so you maybe you’re not spending the summer by the beach where Ryan Gosling or Rachel McAdams are just hanging out, but you know you’ve had your eye on that cute co-worker for a minute.  But unless you’re 1000% positive you’ve met you’re true soul mate, just make sure you prepared to leave he/she behind before school starts

5) Go to a concert – This is the height of concert season, so take advantage of it.  See your favorite artist or band live, it’ll definitely be worth it.

4) Family Bonding – You’re not going to see them for a while, so do something with them, at least for a day.  They’ll appreciate that time you took to spend with them, and this can also double as a great opportunity to learn how to do your own laundry.

3) Function with friends!

2) Get opinionated – Summer is the perfect time to get up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the world.  Stanford is the ultimate bubble, which means we often are the last to know about major events, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less interested or invested in current events than folks in the real world.  So take this time to read (for fun!) and discover what’s going on all around you.

1) Get you summer story together – When you get to school, the single-most asked question will be “How was your summer?’ Of course, you can answer with the standard “It was _______ (fill-in whatever adjective that works best)” but what people really want to hear is a great story. So before you step foot on Stanford’s campus, get together a 2-3 pithy anecdotes about you did so you can impress everyone you see.



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