The Time Has Come….

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Great sports come from happy Trees. Happy Trees come from California.

the Walrus said,

“To blog of many things.

“Of classes, dorms and making friends

“Of packing many things

“Of why the 650 is hot and how to spread your wings.”


The big, crazy packing list has gone out to the incoming freshman class.  And if I know anything about the pre-college prep process, this means they’re freaking out because they don’t know how to sign up for classes, when to sign up for classes, what to pack, who their roommates will be, or how to do their laundry.

Have no fear, fif-TEEN!!  TUSB is here to answer all of your burning questions.  From now up until the first day of class, the few, the proud, and the bloggily-inclined shall step forth to save the freshies in distress and prepare them for the first of the best four years of their lives!

With topics as diverse as crazy Stanford acronyms, decorating tips, and been-there-done-that pointers from the older and wiser, we hope to sate the Stanford appetites of the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  If you’re an incoming freshman, feel free to comment below with topics you’re interested in, and we’ll do our best to cater to all your questions.  In the meantime, have a fantastic summer!

the TUSB Staff


3 Responses to “The Time Has Come….”

  1. AJ Alifimoff says:

    How to approach meeting your roomate(s) for the first time, when you know nothing about them.
    How many credits is really too many credits for our first quarter.
    Do we really have as much control over when we take our classes (other than IHUM and PWR) as things like CourseRank would lead us to believe.

    Less boring awesome stuff, but I’m sure that the TUSB writers will have no problems with that.

  2. Kate Mayer says:

    I second AJ on the credits and classes questions. Also, any tips on what to bring/not bring, beyond the list Stanford’s website gives us.

  3. Anna Boslough says:

    Where is the best food? and is Stern food really that bad?? Also, is it worth taking as many introsems as possible?


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