Raunk: your guide to Stanford and beyond!

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The home page - rank everything under the sun!

Do you remember that squeaky-clean Internet feeling?  Like your first email account?  When you discovered YouTube?  When your mom finally let you get a Facebook?  You personalized your messages with obnoxious colors and fonts, you couldn’t stop watching funny videos of cats, and you probably overused the “Like” button with a vengeance.

Exploring Raunk* was just like that for me.  Quite simply, Raunk is the website brainchild of current Stanford students that lets you rank everything ever.  And it’s like the Powerthirst of ranking.

I kept seeing people “Raunk” things on my Facebook feed.  Always intrigued by the emergence of a new noun-turned-verb, I had to try it out.  Within seconds of logging in via my Facebook account I was ranking away, expressing my opinions via slider bar on Raunk‘s sleek user interface.  Raunk is tremendously easy and fun to use, and its elegant simplicity makes it easy to quantify whatever you’re evaluating.  Looking for a tasty restaurant in the Palo Alto area?  A fun TV series to fill the time before school?  The best fruit?  Heck, a new programming language to play around with?  Raunk‘s got it all and more.

Patron Saint of Incoming Freshmen

Raunk helps you make the most of freshman year

Raunk is perhaps optimally suited for the plight of the incoming freshman.  Sweet and starry-eyed, laden with half the Bookstore’s clothing inventory and a preponderance of laundry paraphernalia, incoming frosh are appreciative sponges for advice.  What better resource than a highly quantified, topical, and organized website with a strong Stanford influence?

Here are some of my top picks of the most useful rankings for incoming frosh.  With heavy Stanford traffic and categories specific to various aspects of student life, Raunk provides an awesome resource for objective evaluations of the things you care most about.


So how is Raunk any different from the myriad ranking sites out there – Yelp, Yahoo, etc.?

  1. Stanford-specific. With perspectives coming from people more like you, you’re more likely to see evaluations that are relevant to you.
  2. Objectivity first. While many of the sections provide personal reviews as an added bonus for specific sections and items, the priority is on clear-cut numerical rankings.  An engineer’s dream.
  3. Slick interface. There’s a step-by-step intro tutorial, but the site is so easy to use that you might as well skip it.  With streamlined graphics and easy navigation, Raunk is totally intuitive.

Ch-ch-check it out!

Whether you’re a freshie or a well-versed veteran, Raunk has something for everyone.

Do you eat?  Yes.  Therefore, Raunk is relevant to you.  Raunk away!

*pronounced “ronk;” it rhymes with honk and bonk


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