The ASSU Website is Not Coming Back Soon Enough…

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TUSB does not have a positive record when it comes to discussing the ASSU. From the elections, to the concept of an ASSU as a whole, it seems like we’ve dissected everything. And yet I still find more to comment on. I’m not asking for anyone to redo the system or for the ASSU to magically grow from being a testing ground for over-eager college students to a mature legislative and executive body. My request is much smaller. And more to the point, this isn’t for me. This is for ’15.

My request is rather simple: bring back the ASSU website. What was supposed to go up on August 10th (sorry but don’t have a screen shot of this) is now an ongoing wait that’s frustrating for all the silent students that check and use the website.

Hopefully this year.

As I commented on Kristi’s recent post about the pitfalls of school politics, as much as people complain, the ASSU has developed some interesting initiatives that students preparing to get back on campus don’t have access to while the site is down. And more importantly, freshmen looking to learn more about the role students play in creating and directing campus have been cut off before they could even start. From the Wellness Room to new programs promoting diversity, the ASSU not only divests funds to student groups across campus, but spearheads many programs that students do actually enjoy. I mean, who can hate petting puppies in White Plaza?

We’re a cynical bunch, not inclined to see the good that can be done when there’s so many empty remarks being thrown around. But as people have said for centuries, actions speak louder than words. The way to let incoming freshmen know more about the ASSU than what’s on the campaign website and what’s on TUSB is to give them a chance to explore the website. When I got to campus two years ago, whatever thoughts I had about poring over Stanford’s multitude of websites were buried beneath dorm bonding and shared misgivings about IHUM.  The ASSU is genuinely doing itself a disservice but not putting something online. Even though the current executive slate hasn’t really started their term yet, the ASSU website at least shows the programs completed by their predecessors.  Before last year’s Admit Weekend, the first link in my long list of websites that give new students a taste of Stanford was the ASSU website. I may not like the politics or the way the campaign season runs, but in the end I do advocate the ASSU. So please bring back the website. If not for me (one of the few students that actually uses the ASSU’s book exchange), than think of ’15!


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  1. ASSU says:

    The most frustrating part is that they get nothing done that they promise.

    In their cabinet, the two people that I know are really unreliable. Kids I wouldn’t hire.


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