Update: ASSU Website has returned!

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And considering the wait, I was slightly underwhelmed. The only colorful pages are those with pictures of the Cabinet, Exec Boards and Directors. And it seems a tad less interactive to me now. I mean, there’s a front page slideshow that is literally just pictures, no links.

To me, it seems ready to be amazing but its not quite there yet. If you have any thoughts on the new ASSU website, comment.


4 Responses to “Update: ASSU Website has returned!”

  1. ASSU says:


    Stewart and Michael are unbelievably power-hungry, and I’m sad to see how we (as a student body) have enabled them in the stead of someone who actually cares about Stanford.

  2. The only thing that site was good for was booking meeting rooms says:

    Took them long enough. Well at least now you can “get a room”

  3. escort bayan says:

    Thank for posting this. I found it pretty helpful. I will be checking back soon for updates.

  4. filehosting says:

    nice! bout time! just kidding!


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