Alumni Are Just Like Us!

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This post is inspired both by Reunion Homecoming Weekend (#StanfordRH) and that section of every celebrity magazine titled, “Stars are just like us!” and it has pictures of celebrities feeding the parking meter or carrying groceries or wiping their kids’ noses.

Anyways,  I love alumni weekend for the sole reason that it makes me look at the alums who have gone before me and wonder if I will turn out to be like them.

I know we just had an Overheard at Stanford post, but please allow me to share a few of the things that I heard alums say over the weekend:


(This is from two men who were pretty clearly in their 50s)

Man 1:  Is there a dress code for the party tonight?

Man2:  I think the important thing is that you keep your clothes on!

(From a man in his late 70’s)

They used to say that 9 out of 10 girls is attractive and the 10th one goes to Stanford, but now…….


(From a women in her 30’s)

Ten seconds later you had ditched me and I kept thinking, “Wow this is the worst reunion of my entire life …


(From a woman in her 60’s)

We have to get a table on the opposite side of the room from that man who has been  hitting on me all day.  Damn, why are all these men so old?


But seriously, it is pretty crazy to see all the Alumni walking around campus.  We start out at this school as bright-eyed freshman wearing name tags and lanyards, and years later we come back to this school, amazed at all the changes and all the non-changes and we wear those same red lanyards and name tags that we ditched the moment NSO was over.

I had the chance to talk to a couple alumni and ask about sagely advice that they might give and the overwhelming response I got was to 1) try everything and 2) take time to enjoy Stanford every once in a while.  So take some time for self-reflection and have some Stanford-appreciation time.  And apply for everything!  That is, however, just my advice, not that of alums.


I guess my take-home from this post is:  In case you are wondering what you’ll be like as time goes by, it turns out that you will be more or less the same, except older, and with more life experiences.  Ain’t that something?


Note:  I have had the difference between the words alumni, alumnae, alums, and alumnus explained to me several times, and I still don’t think I quite understand it.  Please excuse any errors.



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