#StanfordProblems – New Traffic Circle Signs

Posted by at 12:57PM

It seems like someone was a little frustrated over the way our wonderfully rule-breaking bikers ride around traffic circles. We have a new aid to help the directionally challenged right in front of the Bookstore.

At first I thought it meant Cool People on East Campus. Maybe it has dual meanings?

 UPDATE: The picture has undergone a slight alteration in order to make it more everyone-friendly (meaning those weren’t originally asterisks). Either way, way to go Stanford.


3 Responses to “#StanfordProblems – New Traffic Circle Signs”

  1. Paul says:

    Now that’s a funny picture.

  2. David says:

    Made me chuckle. I wouldn’t know which way to go. breast pump reviews

  3. Aric Jorgan says:

    Now, why are the “good people” always going to the “right’? =)

    –Aric of SWTOR Builds


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