This Week in Stanford 10/11/11 – 10/17/11

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I have some good news, some cool news, and some interesting tidbits about research.

  • THANK GOODNESS! Arrilage late is not only open now, but Stanford Dining also changed its mind about being closed on weekends. We get to go to the Dish on a Saturday again! For now.
  • It seems like Stars Wars had something to teach us about our distant past rather than future. Anthropology professor Merrit Ruhlen found that our ancestors like Yoda did speak.
  • Stanford really is getting serious about this campus in  New York. Stanford has formed a pact with City University of New York to build a campus on Roosevelt Island, in Harlem. The theme is once again, science.
  • Although this seems like an inherent paradox, student Adam Duran (with the assistance of two professors) has made a Braille touchscreen writer for a competition here at Stanford. Flat surfaces and braille used to not mix – not anymore.
  • Palo Alto honored women’s basketball coach Tara VanDerveer with an Athena Award for “excellence, creativity and initiative in her business or profession; contributes time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community; and actively assists women in realizing their full leadership potential” –  and  she’s a basketball coach.
  • I admittedly don’t understand all the particulars in this piece of news, but researchers have learned how to make reversible diamonds. It seems to involve pressure and the rearrangement of atoms. The new study of this glassy carbon is being led by Stanford grad student Yu Lin.
Good luck with midterms Stanford!


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