This Week In Stanford 10/4/11- 10/10/11

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I might be cutting it close time wise but it’s still Monday! And thus I made it in time to tell you about the many things that  happened here over the past 7 days. Without further ado:

  • Stanford Hospital is being sued in $20 million dollar class action lawsuit. Not only was patient information breached, but apparently it was on a commercial website for a bit of time. Maybe Stanford itself needs to hire more of its own CS major to defend its networks.
  • Stanford Law Professor Ralph Richard Banks has recently sparked a discussion about African American women and marriage with his new book “Is Marriage for White People?”
  • Our sophomore kick-off is noteworthy! Stanford is one of a small group of colleges that welcomes back its sophomore class. See how much we love you, ’14?
  • Students are have developed the company WiFiSLAM to combat a new pressing problem: being unable to find friends in the same building. Indoor wifi is on its way. I’m glad that getting lost in Stanford dorms like FloMo has finally sparked something useful.
  • Stanford has been given $2.5 million dollars in order to supplement our knowledge of Buddhism. A Buddhist quote is,”Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.” That’s why I won’t comment on how Harvard received a little more money than us.
  • Watch out, French House.  California’s wine supply may be diminishing because of climate change. Save the environment, save California’s ability to grow its own wine grapes.
  • The world lost Steve Jobs. RIP.


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