Was that an earthquake?

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Yes, Stanford, it was.  Actually, the epicenter was located about 1 mile east of  our dear rival, UC Berkeley.  The final reported magnitude was 3.9–not dangerous but perceptible enough to awaken hibernating Golden Bears.  Anyone at Stanford feel the quake?  Personally, I didn’t feel it (or I mistook it for somebody’s stereo), but I’ve heard from a few other students who said they noticed some rocking.  Notably, today was supposed to be a massive earthquake drill in California–the “Shakeout.”  I suppose if you live in an active fault zone area long enough it is inevitable that some of your drills will be interrupted by actual earthquakes.

3.9 may be just a twinge for old Richter, but for those of us like me who were born and raised smack dab in the middle of the North American Plate, it seems fairly momentous–a similar earthquake (smaller magnitude) around my town a few years ago was quickly dubbed the “Great Illinois Earthquake” on Facebook and stories of suspicious jiggles and jolts were eagerly swapped online.  My mother, as any self-respecting Midwestern mother would, e-mailed me after the quake–she speculated that the quake was a seismic metaphor for Berkeley’s obviously imminent defeat in the Big Game.

On a tangential note, best website font of the day:

Police Department


You have the right to remain chill.



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