Dr. Pepper TEN…It’s A Boys Only Club

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So I was watching the USC game last week, and a Dr. Pepper ad popped up on the television.  Advertising Dr. Pepper TEN, a new ten calorie drink made with real sugar, the ad sought to make the diet drink “macho.”  The ad is a gold mine for quotes edging on sexist, proclaiming “You can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. We’re good.”  and ending with “Dr. Pepper TEN…it’s not for women.” Accompanying the ad is a reworked Facebook page, which allows visitors to take a quiz to see if they are man enough for Dr. Pepper TEN.

Here is the ad:

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There has been a storm of publicity regarding the launch.  Is it just a good-natured joke, playing on gender stereotypes?  Is it a dumb marketing scheme, cooked up by a daft Dr. Pepper crew trying so hard to gain men that they alienated their largest population, women?  Is it just a ploy to gain publicity and get people talking about the new drink?

Who really knows what it was meant to do, but what I do know was that I couldn’t help but be slightly offended.  Does Dr. Pepper really think it can tell me that women aren’t good enough for its product and expect me to shrug it off?  I know they probably weren’t serious, being that automatically losing 50% of their potential buyers would be just plain silly, but it just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended).

But never mind my reaction, Dr. Pepper executive vice president, Jim Trebilcock, maintains that “women get the joke.”

So I am bringing it to the public.  You all tell me.

Women, will you continue to purchase Dr. Pepper?

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Men, did that ad make you want to buy Dr. Pepper?

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