The One, the Only: the 2012 Winter Course Guide

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It’s that time of year again!  Just when you thought Fall Quarter had you by the throat, the Registrar reminds you it’s time to choose classes for Winter Quarter.  Sheesh.  But don’t worry: TUSB is here with a sweet selection of Stanford classes to spice up your quarter.  From fun alternatives to the typical GER satisfiers to intensive arts experiences to thought-provoking seminars to broaden your horizons, this list has something for everyone!

Got suggestions of your own?  Post them in the comments!  You can also check out past years’ recommendations here.

Hipster microbes!

The Ultimate Silicon Valley Classes:  rad classes for the hipster techie

  • Artstudi178:  Art and Electronics:  make sweet art using analog electronics!  Attendance at first class session is required.  4 units. MW 1:15-3:05pm.
  • CS476B / Music256B:  Music, Computing, Design II: Mobil Music:  “aesthetic, design, and implementation of mobile music, centered around the modern super smartphones.”  Prerequisite: MUSIC 256A.
  • Dance 138:  Mind in Motion: Knowledge Creation Through Dance Practice and Design Thinking:  “engineering principles through a kinesthetic lens” – awesome!  1 unit. MWF 10:00-10:50am.

Stroke that Freud Beard:  answers to life’s bigger questions

  • Religst11N:  The Meaning of Life:  it isn’t just “42.”  3 units.  TTh 11:00am-12:15pm. GER:DBHum.
  • Phil385R:  Metaphysics of Reference:  don’t understand the title?  Me neither!  All the more reason to take it!
  • Arthist210:  The Renaissance Nude:  The “significance of nude… figures in Italian Renaissance art.”  Freud would be all over this one.  Figuratively!  I meant, figuratively!  5 units.  T 9:30-12:30pm.

Artspalooza:  whet your artistic appetite rides you?

Below I’ve included a few of my favorites, but you should also check out the awesome Creativity Course Guide, produced by Stanford Student Arts.

  • Music15N: The Aesthetics of Data:  the “visual and auditory display of data” and the “integration of science and the arts.”  3 units. MW 2:15-3:15pm. GER:DBHum.
  • ArtStudi13:  Painting with Acrylics:  paint under the moonlight and learn about painters throughout history – for credit!  “Attendance at first class session is required.”  2 units. TTh 7:00-9:00pm.
  • Complit196 / Slavgen196:  Incarceration as Inspiration: Russian and American Prison Narratives:  in Soviet Russia… prison narrate YOU!!  Alright, I’ll stop, if you take this class: 3-5 units. MW 11:00-12:15pm. GER:DBHum.
  • Drama142P / Drama342:  Animals and Performance:  create the next Lion King in no time!  4 units. F 1:15-4:05pm.

Double Dipping Never Tasted So Good:  cool classes that satisfy multiple GER requirements

  • Music 18A:  Jazz History: Ragtime to Bebop, 1900-1940:  3 units. MWF 3:15-4:05. GER:DBHum, GER:ECAmerCul.
  • CHINGEN 137:  Tiananmen Square: History, Literature, Iconography:  3-5 units.  MW 12:50 PM – 2:05.  GER:DBHum, GER:ECGlobalCom.
  • History44Q:  The History of Women and Gender in Science, Medicine, and Engineering:  4-5 units.  MW 12:35 – 2:05.  Writing2, GER:DBHum, GER:ECGender

Engineering has never been sexier.

Awesomer Ways to Satisfy EngrAppSci: 

  • Music 150:  Musical Acoustics:  a “computer-based course emphasizing the practical aspects of acoustics in making music.”  3 units. MW 10:00-11:50am. GER:DBEngrAppSci.
  • AA116N:  Electric Automobiles and Aircraft:  ever drooled over a Tesla cruising down University?  Salivate no longer, my friends – learn about the underlying tech that makes these cars amazing.
  • EE19N:  The Internet:  how it works:  there you have it
  • EE21N:  What is Nanotechnology?  explorations from an ethical and literary perspective
  • ME214:  Good Products, Bad Products:  guest speakers, projects, and field trips make this class even more applicable and interesting
  • EE26N:  Green Electronics:  explore the technologies at the heart of the “green revolution”

All ladies swoon for a gent who can dance!

Stanford Bucket List:  classes to take before you graduate

  • Drama 103:  Beginning Improvising:  not just fun and games, this class teaches you valuable skills for thinking on the fly.
  • Dance 46:  Social Dances of North America I:  just in time for Viennese Ball!  Seriously.  Learn how to sweep a gal / guy off her feet with your sweet moves.
  • Psyc135:  Sleep and Dreams:  if you’ve ever been sleep-depri – ahem, if you’ve ever gone to Stanford, this class is for you!
  • CS106A:  Programming Methodology:  there are many good reasons why it’s the most popular class on campus this quarter.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  Within weeks you’ll have marketable programming skillz.

Primers in Bad@ssery:  don’t waste your time looking at explosions – take these classes!

  • PoliSci214R:  Challenges and Dilemmas in American Foreign Policy:  the class taught by CONDOLEEZZA RICE, it concludes in a 24 hour crisis simulation.  So.  Hardcore.
  • Lawgen209Q:  Community Police Academy:  testimonial: “The most bad@$$ class at Stanford…You get to learn about everything cops do, you get to tour the Palo Alto 911 center, the San Jose Jail, and other cool places… you get to play with the $80,000 combat simulator videogame thing… and you get to practice PURSUIT DRIVING in a REAL COP CAR with LIGHTS AND SIRENS AND $HIT! They seriously take you out to an airstrip, set up cones, and let you aggressively drive a police cruiser to pursue another car. AND they even give you dinner every week.”
  • History125:  Dark Century:  Eastern Europe After 1900: secret police, Stalinization, and stabilization in Eastern Europe.
  • History242G:  Einstein:  Science, Technology, and Culture

Classes That Sound Useful:

  • Econ111:  Money and Banking
  • MS&E41:  Financial Literacy
  • Amstud25N:  Understanding the Sixties
  • MS&E178:  The Spirit of Entrepreneurship
  • Bio120:  Bacteria in Health and Disease

Monty Python-esque Classes:

  • EESS318:  Global Land Use Change to 2050:  bring me a shrubbery!
  • GES7B:  An Introduction to Wilderness Skills:  quests for the Holy Grail just got easier
  • Earthsys183:  Food Matters:  Agriculture in Film:  how to defend yourself against assailants wielding fresh fruit
  • History139:  Modern Britain and the British Empire

Let’s Get Physical:  athletic classes for every taste

  • Athletic 18:  Strengthening the Heart Through Compassion
  • Athletic 23:  Core Training
  • Athletic 39:  Fencing: Beginning
  • Athletic 43:  Futsal
  • Athletic 63:  Hip Hop
  • Athletic 78M:  Kenpo Karate

3 Responses to “The One, the Only: the 2012 Winter Course Guide”

  1. Dave says:

    Would just like to reiterate the testimonial for LawGen 209Q. Driving a cop car at high speeds was one of the most thrilling experiences OF MY LIFE. I can now also say that I’ve held an assault rifle and been to jail. (And that wasn’t even cause and effect!) The weekly dinners were awesome, too.

  2. Stephanie says:

    +1 for Sleep and Dreams! :)

  3. Dusty says:

    May I also suggest ENGR 103: Public Speaking? I took the class last quarter, and it was one of the most fun classes I took at Stanford! (Oh yeah, and it’s also a very important life skill that I’ll continue to use well beyond the class…)


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