This Week in Stanford 11/15/11 – 11/28/11

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By this week I mean these past 2 weeks, of course. I hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day and relaxing over the Thanksgiving break! We’re back on the farm and here’s an update on what’s been happening around town:

  • Congrats to Alum Jennifer Azzi for being nominated for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame!
  • Big Game may have already passed but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at the rivalry’s long history. Here’s a historical slideshow focusing on the Cal – Stanford rivalry.
  • Coupa Cafe is not only a hub where entrepreneurs can meet and talk, it’s also becoming a key player in providing feedback for new start-ups. Jean Paul Coupal ’07, the owner of Coupa Cafe, has worked with numerous businesses already. With his cafe being in Palo Alto, and his status as a Stanford Alum, it would be strange if he wasn’t involved with start ups.
  • The Silicon Valley was ranked 17th in a list of cities providing the best high tech jobs. In addition to the lower ranking, it seems that over the past decade the valley has lost 80,000 jobs. You can create a start up here but it seems like keeping a job may be trickier.
  • Professor Christopher Field was a lead author on a report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change advising different countries on how to deal with expected extreme weather conditions. Prevention seems almost futile now – the focus is on how to cope with the effects of global warming.
  • Stanford students took home 5 of this year’s 32 Rhodes Scholarships, more than our school has ever received in a single year. Is this an amazing year academically and athletically? I think so.
  • Did anyone else know that Stanford provides high school diplomas in addition to college degrees? Through the Educational Program for Gifted Youth, Stanford runs an Online High School as an alternative option for students who can’t fit in traditional schooling. This not-for-profit program could lead the way in changing how educators view online learning.
  • Here are some interesting statistics about the make up of the venture capitalist scene – it seems that 2 out of 10 VCs attended either Harvard or Stanford. Throw in the fact that the group is predominantly Caucasian, have master’s degrees and are male and you have  a group crying out for a little diversity.


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