We’re Cardinal Red?

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Did anyone else notice the new uniforms at the Stanford vs. Notre Dame game? I couldn’t be there in person but I made sure to tune in. The first thing that struck me was the fact that these uniforms had longer sleeves. A trivial matter, until you watch the promo below explaining the entire uniform:

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Apparently they build uniforms like they used to build armor – every layer and piece has a purpose. Nike went all out for the uniforms and even made an amazing commercial about it! The commercial was intense. Hopefully as intense as the Stanford fans at next year’s Bowl game! The title of this post is a question, but we are Cardinal Red. It’s our official color. I did like one line from the commercial – “Cardinal Red is a metaphor for the very pulse of life.I don’t think that was ever the intent but it sounds awesome.  For the history of this quote check out the comment below! Get inspired Stanford! The football season may be done but things aren’t over for our football team yet!

P.S. I saw the number 12 and didn’t see Andrew Luck. That part of the ad wasn’t quite as authentic as I would have liked but it’ll do.


4 Responses to “We’re Cardinal Red?”

  1. Card Fan says:

    “President Donald Kennedy declared in 1981 that all Stanford athletic teams will be represented and symbolized exclusively by the color cardinal. “While various other mascots have been suggested and then allowed to wither, the color has continued to serve us well, as it has for 90 years. It is a rich and vivid metaphor for the very pulse of life.”

    ^ it was the intent! Nike didn’t make that up :p

  2. Crystal says:

    I stand corrected! Thanks for that little historical fact. Seems like I was giving Nike too much credit…

  3. Michael says:

    I think that because Luck is still an amateur his likeness could not be depicted in an advertisement.

  4. isabelamariehobson says:

    oh yeah! I didn’t notice it!


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