Chemistry is Sexy

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Bravo, Stanford chemists. The class that was once (is?) the bane of many a freshmen has managed to reclaim a bit of pride from a few intreprid students. They’re chemists. And they know it. And now everyone else does too.

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The video,  a peek at what this element of science means at Stanford, is gaining traction online. With views from Australia to China, it’s clear that chemists everywhere are bonded in their love of this subject. Or, you know,  some students are trying to reaffirm their lab intensive calling.  Either way, the video has bright colors and flasks – way better than your average chemistry joke. Take a study break and enjoy!


3 Responses to “Chemistry is Sexy”

  1. what the… says:

    I am both forever scarred and forever amused. oh, Stanford…

  2. Jason Hoffman says:

    Can I get into Stanford? I graduated from UMBC (that’s University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the honors school of the state of Maryland) with a 3.8 GPA. The average GPA is 2.9 at UMBC (because we are an honors school), so I did really well. What are my stats for going to Stanford? Does graduating from an honors college like UMBC help? By the way I am also a Stanford alum, does that help my stats? I took the free online computer science classes from Stanford, so I already list Stanford on my resume.

  3. Russ says:

    This video is to funny. I’m going to post it to my facebook lol


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