This Week In Stanford 11/29/11 – 12/05/11

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I would say happy dead week, but considering the Primal scream I heard last night – that’s not the emotion dominating anyone’s mind. Either way, this is what’s happened at the Farm over the past week. Good luck, Stanford.
  • Happiness is popular here at Stanford! This might not be quite as common during finals week, but the class is still giving students a new perspective.
  • There will be more free online courses offered through Stanford’s CS department in Winter Quarter, including Human Computer Interaction and Tech Entrepreneurship.
  • President Hennessey will receive the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers medal of honor.  I sometimes forget how many amazing things our university president has accomplished. Alas, this is just a reminder that he is a badass.
  • Forbes just released it’s Impact 30 list, meaning they have decided to provide the world with their own list of  top social entrepreneurs. Of course, Stanford represents. 8 Alumni can be found on the list.
  • Kathleen Gerson, fellow at the Stanford Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioral Sciences, is validating shopping at work, making me a little bit more hopeful about the 40 hour work week she talks about. She calls for a new balance between personal and work life. I can’t help but agree with her.


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