Halftime Highlights of the ASSU

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Stewart MacGregor-Dennis is the current vice president of the ASSU.

Our tenure so far has been a lot like the Stanford student experience: challenging and hugely rewarding. As we reflect back on the first half of our tenure, we’re energized about what lies ahead. We believe lasting changes can still be made.

ASSU Executive Cabinet

In the first half of our tenure, we focused on laying foundations. We built the Executive team and met with a wide range of university administrators. Though we concentrated on our foundations, we were able to realize a large chunk of an ambitious platform. We’ve completed 39% of our platform’s action steps so far. Some of the efforts made were public, such as the Occupy & Food Town Halls. However, much of the work went on behind the scenes, such as the efforts to re-write the ASSU Constitution. More than anything though, the work of our brilliant Executive Team has stood out. Each leader on the Cabinet, Community Action Board, and team of Directors has completed meaningful work. From putting on Food Day and helping to develop the Union Underground store, to creating Power To ACT and the Social-E Capital competition, these initiatives have made a concrete difference.

The work done so far has laid foundations for the rest of the term. Many of the relationships and groundwork for initiatives have been established. The second half of our term will build on what we have already achieved.

Going forward, we’re excited about the last half of our tenure. Our new ASSU Chief of Staff, Lina Hidalgo, is sure to add firepower to the whole ASSU. We’re excited to lead an administration that embraces transparency through the Division of Internal Review and the feedback loop that comes along with it. Most of all, we are happy to empower initiatives by leaders from all over campus that are working through the ASSU to affect change in areas students care about. We are working with the University administration on an overhaul of the outlets for the arts on campus, on piloting a class that would become Stanford 101, on improving the healthiness of late night dining, on building the ASSU’s capacity to preserve institutional memory from administration to administration and on centralizing resources for students with a variety of interests. We have a lot to accomplish. Our work is not done. We’re excited to come out roaring after halftime.

Michael Cruz & Stewart MacGregor-Dennis



3 Responses to “Halftime Highlights of the ASSU”

  1. Concerned Student says:

    Wait, half of these initiatives were never mentioned on the ASSU website. How are students supposed to access resources if we never hear about them??

  2. Senate observer says:

    I think they make weekly announcements at Senate meetings

    The daily covers it


  3. Tim says:

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