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Being a Stanford student automatically gives you so many opportunities and opens so many doors.  We can talk for ages about the incredible classes available, the amazing people we have met, the brilliant people that come speak here, and the numerous job opportunities available.  But today, I am going to ignore all that.  I’m going to focus on the incredible places that Stanford takes us… literally.   Get ready to be awestruck.

1. Tahoe

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2.  Yosemite

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3. The Colorado Rocky Mountains

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4. Peru

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5. The Swiss Alps

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6. The Galapagos Islands

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7. Rio de Janeiro

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8. New Delhi

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9. Mumbai

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10.  Amsterdam

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11. Arusha, Tanzania

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12. Istanbul

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13. Paris

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14.  Australia

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15.  Beijing

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16. Berlin

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17. Cape Town

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18. Florence

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19. Kyoto

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20. Madrid

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21. Moscow

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22. Oxford

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23. Santiago

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24. Barcelona

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25. Hawaii

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And these are only the ones that came directly to mind.  Feel free to add locations in the comments!  If you want to experience these for yourself (I mean, who wouldn’t?), visit the Bing Overseas Studies website, the Sophomore College website, and check with academic departments all over Stanford.

But before you do that, step outside and appreciate the beauty of Stanford itself.

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