This Week In Stanford 1/17/12 – 1/23/12

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Rain is in the air. Everywhere I look around me. People are trapped inside making quite a lot of Youtube videos. Here are a few Stanford facts to bring metaphorical sunshine to your Internet life.

  • Regardless of the why or how, Stanford researchers have found that women report feeling more pain than men. Part of me wants to do a hurrah for women, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t a good thing.
  • Sven A. Beiker, director at our Center for Automotive Research, and other professionals are warning about the implications of autonomous cars. Although I understand the upheaval that would cause to our legal and highway systems, the thought of road trip, cross country, without driving still sounds amazing.
  • Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo and Stanford Alumnus, has stepped down from his position on the board of directors. Even if Yahoo! isn’t the same as it was in its heyday, I will be forever thankful for the things Yahoo! Answers produced.
  • Stanford is one of the first universities to take advantage of Apple’s new revamped iBook 2 and iTunes U. iTunes U will offer fully fleshed out classes while the new iBooks will soon include fully interactive textbooks.
  • Nicholas Kristof paid a visit to Stanford. His challenge for current times: women’s education. Although we have a near equal split, it’s an institutional problem we need to contend with outside the bubble.
  • Sebastian Thrun, famed for teaching 160,000 students in Stanford’s first online open artificial intelligence course, is leaving the university for his start-up Udacity, where he will teach low cost CS classes to the masses. It seems like the lecture hall is now too small for him.


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