Up with the Arts, Down with Gravity!

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I love giving Stanford tours on Friday afternoons.  The student body comes more alive than ever upon the happy completion of another challenging week.  Crowds of bright-eyed prospies traipse across the sunlit campus, Bookstore bags in hand.

But best of all, and most important to any successful tour, is its conclusion.  And on Fridays, tourists get one heck of a conclusion.  As I wrap up my discussion of student activities, my groups are all but mesmerized by the precision and skill of the Stanford students juggling in White Plaza.

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Who are these modern day magicians?  None other than Down with Gravity, Stanford’s own undergraduate juggling club.  Practicing 4 to 6 p.m. on Fridays in White Plaza, all levels of expertise are welcome to join, and their recent participation in one of SiCa‘s Spark Grants has yielded captivating results.  Check out their latest project, “Juggling Revolution,” above, which features impressive juggling and beautiful shots of locations around the Stanford campus.  And don’t forget to watch these masters in action on Fridays!

Know of other awesome student art projects that deserve some spotlight?  Let us know in the comments!  :)


2 Responses to “Up with the Arts, Down with Gravity!”

  1. OLeven says:

    prospies??? where do you go to college again?
    great post, though!

  2. Travis Weston says:

    I love magic. I always have. I also love juggling. The two are different though, so calling them modern day magicians mgith be a bit of a stretch. Masters of anti-gravity? Possibly. Rebels against Newton? Definitely. Magicians? No. Now, if they turn around and make the things they’re juggling disappear in mid-air, then I’d call them magicians.

    This is a magician: http://amazingwes.com/

    I know him personally, and it amazes me how he can fool my mind when I’m sitting not 2 feet from him. Excellent magician.

    Not sure he juggles though.

    I’m thinking it would be an interesting show to watch!


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