Camp Stanford Checklist

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Happy second Saturday!  First Sunday?  Either way, it’s a three day weekend!  Woooo!!  And you know what this means… time to bust out the Ray Bans and flip flops for some early season sunning.

As spring break approaches and the days get longer, you may find yourself with increasing time and impetus to enjoy the outdoor resources Stanford has to offer.  To help out the freshmen and anyone else new to the notion of Camp Stanford (the theory that in the absence of homework, Stanford is basically an amazing summer camp for twenty-year-olds), here are some suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to maximize your sunshine.

  • Frisbee:  necessary for both daytime and nighttime use.  For after-dark Frisbee golf, I highly recommend one of the light-up ones (glow in the dark ones fade too quickly per “charge”).  There isn’t any one defined “course” for Frisbee golf on campus (though the AxeComm has a pretty good one here), so I recommend just starting at your dorm and connecting the dots from landmark to landmark until you arrive at a fun fountain to splash in.  Be careful in avoiding fragile or damageable targets.
  • Bubbles:  for chillin’ in the Claw, around the Claw, on a roof, or in your dorm courtyard, bubbles are ideal for blowing off some post-midterm steam.  Bubble wands gain you extra awesome points.
  • Outdoor-friendly speakers:  plugs aren’t quite abundant on the Oval, and laptop speakers rarely cut it.  Find some hearty blasters to connect your iProduct to, and jam away!  (the Apple Store in the Stanford Shopping Center has one of the better selections I’ve seen)  Speaking of music, with great speakers you’ll definitely need a…
  • Catchy summery playlist:  leave the Ke-dollar sign-ha to the frat parties, and bust out your islandy faves, be they Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter, or someone else entirely.  Bonus points if you include forgotten classics of the nineties, like “Summer Girls” (LFO) or “Fly” (Sugar Ray).
  • Delicious fountain-hopping in the Terman pond

    Fountain floatable device:  you think I’m kidding, but the best time I’ve ever had studying was on an inflatable raft in the middle of the Claw right before an IHUM final.  I’d say I mastered “The Art of Living.”  😉

  • Tie dye supplies:  bland freebie T-shirts from last fall’s career fair and new crisp V-necks work equally well for this Stanford tradition.  Talk to your local RA or kitchen manager about borrowing a tub to soak ’em in, and pick up supplies at WalMart or Target.  It’s a cheap, timeless way to bring new life to old clothes.
  • Beach towel or picnic blanket:  to prevent the abominable “lawn-butt,” a condition derived from the recently watered lawns around campus.
  • A Marauder’s Map:  okay, so they don’t really exist, but there are several way-cool areas to explore on campus at dusk as the evenings get warmer.  Some personal recommendations are the Clark Center & Med School, the old GSB with its many courtyards, the Cantor outdoor sculpture garden, and the SEQ outdoor terraces.  Add your own below in the comments!

* P.S.  To all the kids’ camp folks who stumbled upon this via Google, hoping for useful advice for your visiting middle- or high-schooler, I apologize in advance.  You should definitely pack bubbles anyways.



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