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DeLong's email attacking SMD

Dan Ashton is the current deputy chair of the ASSU Senate.

Mudslinging began in the ASSU Presidential race even before TUSB could blog about the race.

In the included email to students, Daniel DeLong personally attacked current ASSU Vice-President Stewart MacGregor-Dennis when discussing an unbiased event for the upcoming elections.

The context makes it worse: DeLong and SMD are probably running against each other next year.* The attack was, in effect, a negative campaign message.

An apology was issued by DeLong later the same day, saying that he never wished to “tarnish the reputation” of SMD.

[EDIT: removed additional commentary about the apology]

I hope everyone remembers that in a STUDENT Government, student body unification — not divisiveness — is the ultimate goal.

As a result, I really hope this is the last personal attack we see.


3 Responses to “Keep it civil, please”

  1. Democrates says:

    DeLong seems to be inspired by Newt Gingrich.

  2. Student says:

    “I doubt that the apology was sincere ” Clearly not an unbiased article. I think this is ironic since the author Dan is somewhat mudslinging himself. Sorry, you can’t consider yourself an impartial 3rd party person since you’re actually on Senate and know DeLong.

  3. Metasligging says:

    “Student” is somewhat mudslinging the mudslinging against a mudslinger. And, yes, I guess here I’m mudslinging the mudslinging against a mudslinger of mudslingers.

    The point is that there’s nothing wrong with pointing out injustice when it occurs. The wrongdoing lies with the initial wrongdoer, not the arbiter.


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