Putting the “experience” back in “Stanford experience”

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It shall ring and float away... hail, Stanford, hail!

A favorite high school calculus teacher of mine often said, “sometimes it’s hard to see the forest because all the darn trees are in the way.”

Sometimes I think it’s easy to miss out on crucial, amazing parts of the Stanford experience by getting too busy with academics to notice the amazing opportunities that are passing you by.  To avoid that problem this quarter, I’m taking fewer units and a different approach to making the most of my time here.  See, I’m planning on co-terming, so as the midpoint of junior year approaches, I’m reaching the midpoint of my Stanford career.  Have I made the most of it?

I hope so.  I think so.  But I’d rather know so.

I’m working to alleviate this fear the only way engineers know how: quantifying it.  I figured I’d share my game plan because if it works for me, it might work for you, too.  I’m trying to make my list well-rounded, but I’d love to hear your ideas!  Suggestions?  Pointers?  Please share ’em in the comments.  I love this place and don’t want to miss out.

The Game Plan:  

Each of these categories has a number corresponding to how many times per week to participate in a category.  The bullet point suggestions below list examples of how to fulfill them.

Swingtime takes flight at an on-campus performance.

Arts (1):  support Stanford’s incredibly talented student artists!  See world-renowned performers!  The arts may never be more accessible (or cheap!) than while you’re at Stanford.

Sports (1+):  so, you really ought to exercise every day, but as a bare minimum, here are some suggestions for your weekly quota.

  • Join a friend’s intramural team!  Subs are always appreciated.
  • Run the Dish.
  • Walk Palm Drive with a friend.  Feel free to grab gelato for the way home.
  • Dance Marathon is coming up.  Even if you’re not signed up, you can always swing by with a donation and get your groove thang on.
  • Sign up for Relay for Life.

Activism, awareness, and extracurricular education (1):  as President Hennessy mentioned at my NSO, we should seek to become T-shaped people.  Stay well-rounded for as long as you can!

Or, heck, take the Carillon class! Music 172F!

That’s so Stanford (1):  embrace all that is the Farm.  Get a weekly dose of the Stanford magic that brought you here in the first place.

  • Visit the top of Hoover Tower.  It’s free as a student, but costs as soon as you graduate!
  • Spend a serene half hour in the quiet of Memorial Church.
  • Kick it on the Oval.  Frisbee, volleyball, “homework,” whatever.
  • Take a tour!  I’m a tour guide, and even I learn new stuff on every tour I shadow!
  • “Study” (by which I mean, take a nap) in the Bender Room.
  • Blow up an inflatable raft and chill in the Claw.

Catch the Cardinal fever this March Madness.

‘Cause it’s root, root, root for the home team (1):  we have the #1 college athletics program in the nation.  And we have, for the last 17 years.  Make the most of the FREE games!  Extra points if you dress in rally.

Om nom nom (1):  mix up the usual dining hall or eating club fare with some fun treats.


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  1. George says:

    For more food options, here’s a great link to all of the cafes and eateries on campus:


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