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With over a thousand attendees annually, Snowchella is “one of the most widely attended events on campus.” For anyone that missed out on Coachella tickets (I did too…screw all scalpers), you can join Stanford students at Snowchella for free. If you did manage to get a Coachella ticket then you can still go to Snowchella, but I like you less.

It’s one of the biggest events of the year, it’s for a great cause, and it’s completely free.

Saturday at 9:30 PM: If you’re looking to get past the typical weekend frat parties, then Snowchella is for you. Hosted by Sigma Nu and Kappa, the event this year is also funded by the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education, ResEd, SCN, and ISC.

No alcohol at the show, SUIDs required, tons of fun.

Two years ago, Snowchella had Young the Giant and Chiddy Bang perform (before they were famous. The hipsters loved it).

This year, they’ll have Bassjackers, After the Smoke, and MYNDSET.

If you’d like to donate to SIC (over $4000 collected at the time of writing), please visit this link.



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