Spring into Spring with the 2012 Course Guide

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Think you know all the ins and outs of spring’s awesome courses?

Story. Of. My. Life.

Ha. Think again. Here, for your pleasure, I have painstakingly compiled a list of the hands-down most awesome, useful, compelling, frightening, GER-fulfilling, enjoyable classes you could ever imagine. Remember  before Chem 31, Math 51, and IHUM… back when you applied to Stanford? Remember how you raved about how excited you were for the “engaging classes”? After reading this article, you’re going to realize you weren’t just saying that. Stanford is killing it next quarter in terms of super-interesting classes, and you have the opportunity to get in on the action. I know Camp Stanford is tempting, but after reading this article, you might actually want to bulk up your course load with some of these. And, speaking of Camp Stanford, the categories are…

Camp Stanford: Whether you’re trying to recover from the carnage of your winter course load or just getting a jump-start on summer laziness/craziness, here are the best classes to keep the thoughts of warm breezes and fun-in-the-sun swirling in your head until June…

  • EARTHSYS 180B: Principles and Practices of Sustainable Agriculture: A course that lets “The Farm” live up to its name. Get outside and onto Stanford’s community farm and others in the area. Enjoy the sun on your neck and a little dirt on your nose. (3-4 units, multiple times)
  • ATHLETIC 80: Lifeguard Training: Didn’t snag the Google internship you wanted? No sweat. Speaking from personal experience, I can attest that lifeguarding is a solid career choice for those  looking to dip their toes in the real world. Make decent cash, get the tan of your life (and hopefully not melanoma… sunblock, guys!) and know that you can save a life if need be.  (2 units, T/Th 12-2, fee)

    Once upon a time...

  • ATHLETIC 51: Beginning Golf: If you were able to make it into this class, I commend you with my highest honors. (1 unit, multiple times, fee)
  • ATHLETIC 320: Backpacking: You might have given up Stanford Sierra Camp to work for a start-up, but maybe this class can scratch your outdoorsy itch before you sell your soul for equity. (1 unit, M 7-9:30)
  • AMSTUD 103: On the Road: Cars and the Auto-Moblity of Race, Gender, Class, and Age in American Literature: It’s class about cars… and some other stuff. But CARS. With Benjamin Braddock and his Alfa Romeo, heck, I’d even be willing to go to Cal. (3-5 units, M/W 6-7, GER: DBHum)

    Stargazing 101? Check.

    There's a "Forever Alone" meme buried somewhere in here...

  • PHYSICS 100: Introduction to Observational and Laboratory Astronomy: Because no summer pastime is sexier than laying under the stars with that special someone. Admittedly, they probably won’t care that you can tell them all about black holes n’ stuff, but hey, it’ll make you feel smarter. (4 units, M/W 2:15-3:05, GER: DBNatSci, Prereqs: Physics 40 or 60 series)
  • ATHLETIC 510: Wilderness First Aid: The only problem with this class is that your injuries will no longer look grisly enough to claim that a bear attacked you and you bravely escaped with only the scars and memories. (1 unit, multiple times, fee)


Wanderlusting: Are your StumbleUpon results a who’s who of fabulous destinations? Studying abroad this spring didn’t slide into the schedule as easily as you’d hoped? You’d rather be nibbling on sushi in Tokyo, hiking Patagonia, or strolling the Seine than be sentenced to a term of laying out in the Oval? If so, don’t let your grounded state keep you from exploring exotic places – get lost in one of these classes instead…

  • FRENLIT 190Q: Parisian Cultures of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries: It might not be a candlelit dinner on the right bank or a cozy afternoon in the D’Orsay, but hey, with a beret and some Chanel No. 5, you might get somewhere with the wholemind-over-matter thing… (4 units, W 3:15-5:05, Prereq: 2 yrs. college-level French)

    How I Visualize Bio 16N

  • Bio 16N: Island Ecology:Grab an order of “The Axe” from TAP, and enjoy your very own cheeseburger in paradise.  (3 units, W/F 12:50-2:05, GERs: DBNatSci)
  • JAPANGEN 124: Manga As Literature: Reminisce about your cartoon/picture book days while fulfilling a GER. Win-Win.  (3-5 units, T/Th 12:15-2:05, GERs: DBHum)
  • ANTHRO 28: Indigenous Australia: So you didn’t get to do a term down under? While I can’t promise that this class will beat snorkeling and cuddling with koalas, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to practice your Aussie accent without being laughed at by locals.  (5 units, T/Th 1:15-3:05, GER’s: DBSocSci)
  • ARTHIST 287A: The Japanese Tea Ceremony: The History, Aesthetics, and Politics Behind A National Pastime: Yes. You read that correctly. Memoirs of a Geisha can actually be your life. (5 units, T 4:15-6:05)
  • HISTORY 75: Modern Mexico: So Stanford isn’t endorsing trips to Mexico right now (sorry, Holistic Biology). It’s a bummer. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting your fiesta on anyway.  (3 units, T/Th 9:30-10:45, GERs: DBSocSci)
  • ITALGEN 245: Contemporary Italian Cinema: Politics and Spectacle: Life is Beautiful? You bet your sweet cannoli it is. (3-5 units, T 2:15-5:05 W: 7-9)
  • GERGEN 146: Propaganda, Partnership, Peacemaking: Germany and the Middle East after 1945: Perhaps an unlikely pairing, but who am I to pass judgment? Get two cultural understandings for the price of one. (3-5 units, T/Th 11-12:30)

    Yup, that's a class.

  • POLISCI 120C: American Political Institutions:Congress the Executive Branch, and the Courts– It’s no Stanford in Washington, but it might be the next closest thing. (5 units, M/W 1:15-3:05, GERs:DBSocSci)
  • EASTASN 188J: Visual Perception, Aesthetics and Design Effects in Japanese Gardens: Glorified gardening or zen escape? You be the judge. (3-4 units, M/W 3:15-4:45)


Taboo Topics – Feeling the urge to flex that argumentative muscle? In the mood for something cool, forbidden, or freaky? Check out these classes… whether instigating or frightening, they’re sure to keep your wheels turning long after when you should have gone to bed…

  • OBGYN 81Q: Perspectives on the Abortion Experience in Western Fiction: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you know that this class has something worth talking (or maybe shouting) about. (3 units, M 5-8:30)
  • JEWISHST 15A: The Bible and Archaeology:  “Did Abraham exist? Was there an Exodus? Did Joshua really conquer Canaan?” These are the questions that the course looks to answer. After taking this class, maybe you’ll even be able to hold your own against the Bible beaters in White Plaza… (4 units, T/Th 11-12:15)
  • MS&E 93Q: Nuclear Weapons, Energy, Proliferation, and Terrorism: Feel informed the next time that the Chernobyl or Hiroshima debate arises. (3 units, T 2:15-5:05, GERs: DBEngrAppSci)
  • ETHICSOC 175L: Sexual Ethics: Hehe… I don’t need a pithy, borderline-funny description to get you interested in this one. (4 units, T/Th 9:30-10:45, GERs:DBHum)
  • STEMREM 83Q: The Stem Cell: Biological, Social, and Practical Aspects of Stem Cell Research: Whether you’re interested in how Dolly came to say “Baaaa” or looking for a debate, if you like bio, this might the introsem for you. (3 units, M/W 2:15-3:45)
  • HISTORY 34A: European Witch Hunts: That just sounds downright awesome. And it’s a GER to boot. (3 units, M/W 9:30-10:45, GERs: DBHum)

    New Classmates?

  • HISTORY 54S: Prohibition in America: Use context to build your argument for why alcohol should or shouldn’t be legal on college campuses, at age 18, etc. (5 units, M/W 7:15-8:45)
  • HUMBIO 180: Human Osteology: Ok, it might not be like what they do on “Bones“. Oh, wait… yeah, it totally is.  (5 units, M/W/F 11-11:50, GERs: DBNatSci)


Terrific Twofers: Who can resist getting two birds for one stone? If you think that double duty means double the pain, you might want to think again. Because really, the only thing better than knocking two GERs off your list is doing it with a class you’ll brag to your friends about.

  • HISTORY 36N – Gay Autobiography: Examine whether or not these authors view their sexual orientation as a defining personal factor. (4 units, T/Th 1:15-3:05, GERs: DBHum, ECGender)
  • AMSTUD 146C: Hemingway, Hurston, Faulkner, and Fitzgerald: Holy Smokes. What a lineup. Want to sound classy at dinner parties and in literary conversations? Start here. (5 units, M/T/W/Th 10-10:50, GERs: DBHum, EC AmCul)
  • AMSTUD 101: American Fiction into Film: How Hollywood Scripts and Projects Black and White Relations: Did the movie REALLY do the book justice? Figure it out in this class. (3-5 Units, M/W/F 9-9:50, GERs: DBHum, ECAmerCul)
  • CSRE 260: California’s Minority-Majority Cities: Finally, perhaps an answer can be reached on the whole “which is better: L.A. or San Francisco” debate. (4-5 units, M 1:15-3:05, GERs: DBSocSci, ECAmerCul; Haas Certified)
  • ANTHRO 82: Medical Anthropology: How medicine affects both our bodies and our culture? What an infectious topic… (5 units, M/W 11-11:50, GERs: DBSocSci, ECGlobalCom)

    Not a lecture you'll want to skip...

  • MUSIC 146: Music and Urban Film: If you’ve ever thought about what songs would be in the soundtrack to your life, this is a class worth taking. (3-4 units, Th 2:15-6:05, GERs: DBHum, ECGlobalCom, Pre/Coreq – Music 22)
  • MUSIC 18B: Jazz History: Bebop to Present: Is there really anything classier than sitting back, enjoying a century worth of jazz? Yup – getting credit for it. (3 units, M/W/F 3:15-4:05, GERs: DBHum, ECAmerCul)
  • FRENGEN 192E: Images of Women in French Cinema: Girls, hide your boyfriends and hide your husbands, because this class is getting everybody. (3,5, T/Th 12:50-2:05, GERs: DBHum, ECGender)



Crossing the Line: Do you take pride in your techiness? Or do you avoid math and science at all costs? Are you looking for a GER that will allow you to gently test the water in a subject, rather than throwing you to the sharks head-first? Or maybe you’re just in the mood for a little interdisciplinary fun. Whatever the case, check some of these classes out. You might be bridging the fuzzy/techie divide, but, no matter where you stand, you can expect to see both perspectives on the topic.

  • CEE 31: Accessing Architecture Through Drawing: OK, the odds are that you won’t be rubbing elbows with Andrew Luck, but getting to draw beautiful structures in exchange for an engineering and applied sciences GER might ease the pain. (4 units, M/W 1:15-3:05, GERs: DBEngrapsci)
  • CS 178: Digital Photography: Actually learn how to properly use the super-nice camera Aunt So-and-So gave you for Christmas, feel like a supermodel when your classmates take your picture for assignments, and knock out a tough GER? Every artsy fuzzy can take solace in that. (3-5 units, T/Th 2:15-2:05, GERs:DBEngrAppSci, Prereq – Introductory Calculus)
  • CHEMENG 80Q: Art, Chemistry, and Madness: The Science of Art Materials: Not 100% sure what this class is about, but the odd combo of words in the title has me hooked. Oh yeah, and it’s a GER. (3 units, T/Th 2:15-5:05, GERs: DBEngrAppSci)
  • ENGR 131: Ethical Issues in Engineering: For all you engineering seniors who are still looking to banish that darn humanities requirement as painlessly as possible, inquire within… (4 units, T 3:15-5:05, GERs: DBHum)
  • HPS 154: The History of Scientific Methods, Pythagoras to Popper: Who doesn’t love some interdisciplinary love? Look at scientific methods and experience in a historical context and recreate some of humanity’s most significant experiments. (4 units, Th 3:15-6:05, GERs: DBHum)
  • PHIL 165: Philosophy of Physics: Want to ruminate over the “big questions” of the universe without breaking out your calculator? Want to get your humanities GER done without feeling like you read the entire thesaurus? Check this class out… (4 units, M/W 4:15-5:30, GERs: DBHum)
  • ARTSTUDI 284: Art and Biology: Imagine your high-school biology class without the diagrams. Art and depiction has changed the way people everywhere understand biology, and has made the concepts presented in the field that much easier to interpret and explore. Further that great tradition by taking this class and fleshing out the anatomical details. (4 units, T/Th 1:15-3:05)
  • CS 181: Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy: Whether or not computers have changed the human experience is not a question up for debate. But how they’ve changed culture and the consequences/implications that such technology can

    No liberties have been taken in the depiction of this class.

    unleash? Epic conversation. Start talking in this class. (4 units, M/W 9:30-10:45, GERs: ECEthicReas, Preq: 106A/X)

  • PHIL 166: Probability, Ten Great Ideas About Chance: Alright, it might not be card-counting a la 21, but this class is a great start into the world of probability, gambling, and the “philosophical underpinnings” of such concepts. (4 units, W 4:15-7:05, GERs: DBMath, Prereq – Stats 60 or equivalent)
  • RELIGST 21: Religion in Science Fiction and Fantasy: If you’ve ever thought

    If this has ever happened to you, you need to take this class...

    that Ender’s Game should be required reading, known that Gandalf is the person, aliveor dead, real or imagined, that you would invite to dinner, or would spend hours in the comic-book store with the guys from the Big Bang Theory… this might be the best humanities class you’ll ever take (4 units, M W 4:15-5:30 ,GERs: DBHum)

  • ANTHRO 7: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology: Again, it’s like taking “Bones” as a class. (3 units, T Th 1:15-3:05, GERs: DBNatSci)


Interesting Introsems: In a discussion with my freshman dorm, President Hennessey was asked for a list of things that every student should do before they graduate from Stanford. He explicitly mentioned how he wished that every student would take an IntroSem. So don’t let Hennessey down: apply for some of the most magical and memorable classes that Stanford has to offer. You’ll make a bunch of similarly-minded new friends, forge a close connection with one of Stanford’s rockstar faculty members, and explore a topic with a level of proximity and personal interest that many lectures just can’t offer. Here are some of the highlights from the Spring 2012 IntroSem catalog:

  • CS 73N: The Business of the Internet: I smell a class full of entrepreneurial junkies… talk about start-up central… (3 units; Th 3:15-4:05, F 2:15-4:05; GERs: DBEngrAppSci, UGReq – Writ 2)
  • MS&E 94Q: The Public Use and Misuse of Mathematics: How to Interpret Numbers as Used By Media and Politicians: Learn to read between the numbers, and call people out when the math just doesn’t add up. (3 units, M 2:15-5:05)

    I'm not saying this is more fun than church, but...

  • MUSIC 34N: Performing America: The Broadway Musical from “Little Johnny Jones” to “American Idiot”: Whether you were born for Broadway or just looking to peruse; if “The Book of Mormon” was the only thing you wanted to read last summer, then this is the introsem for you. (3-4 units, time TBA, GERs: DBHum)


You Haas to Try This: Feeling in the mood to do some good? Need to slough off some bad karma? Want to break through the Stanford bubble? The Haas Center certifies a number of classes each quarter that do all of the above. If you’re looking to snap out of the power-point mold and do some hands-on learning, one of these might be a class for you…

  • HUMBIO 87Q: Women and Aging: Learn about the implications of women’s physical, mental, and emotional health in conjunction with older age with in-person discussions and interaction.  (5 units, T/Th 1:15-3:05, GERs: ECGender)
  • EARTHSYS 105: Food and Community: Work with both Stanford campus gardens and local gardens to see the stages of food production and dispersion to the under-served. (3-5 units, T/Th 10-10:50)
  • ANTHRO 112: Public Archaeology: Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project: An “internship style course” that focuses on the history and archaeological significance of San Jose’s Chinese communities. (2-5 units, F 10-12)
  • AMSTUD 146: Asian American Culture and Community: Learn about the context and consequences of the Vietnamese diaspora by studying and interacting with the Vietnamese community in the South Bay. (5 units, T/Th 12:15-2:05, GERs: DBHum)


1-Unit Wonders: As someone who has combed through the Bulletin pretty thoroughly, I can attest to just how many amazing course offerings Stanford has. But – when push comes to shove – units add up, GERs and major requirements take precedence, and the ‘cool’ classes often just can’t make the cut. So why not take a 1-unit lecture series or seminar? Just about everyone can carve an extra hour or two out of their week, and, since these classes are generally pretty low maintenance, they’re a perfect for those students looking for a change of pace in their schedule. From the wacky to the downright useful, these are classes you definitely don’t want or have to miss out on.

  • MS&E 41: Financial Literacy: Might as well be titled “How to Survive in The Real World”. Credit, taxes, pensions, savings, interest, budgeting,… all of those big concepts you hope you’ll just “figure out” once you enter the real world? Yeah, learn about them here. Having personally taken this class, I will also offer this: if, for no other reason, go for Mary Morrison.  (1 Unit, M 7-8)
  • ME 110: Design Sketching: Just draw it. (1 unit, 7:30-10)
  • MS&E 450 Lessons in Decision Making: Important people in the real world tell you what they did right (1 unit, M 4:15-5:05)

    You know that means "porkchop", right?

  • DANCE 108: Hip Hop Meets Broadway: Me? A Dreamgirl? Hey… it could happen… (1 unit, T/Th 2:15-3:45)
  • CHINGEN 51: Chinese Calligraphy: Also listed under COLLEGESTUD 113: Design your own tattoo. (1-2 units, multiple times, prereq – CHINLANG 3 or equivalent)
  • HUMBIO 27: Traditional Chinese Medicine As close to premed as I’m likely to get. (1 unit, T 3:15-4:05)
  • INDE 215: Queer Health and Medicine Includes guest lecturers and relevant topics. If you are premed, talk about a cool topic… (1 unit, F 12-1)
  • ME 378: Tell, Make, Engage: Action Stories for Entrepreneuring: Sounds like the ETL series, but with slightly fewer buzzwords and fewer old people. (1-3 units, W 1:15-3:05)

LIES. NO ONE looks like this when they work out.

Alternative Workouts: I don’t know about you, but I hate working out. HATE IT. I hate running. I hate sit-ups. I hate weights. I would hate pull-ups if I could do them. See, the reality is that I don’t look like a Lululemon goddess when I unwillingly break a sweat, and cheese and chocolate undeniably deserve their own food groups in my diet. But I am in fact human and, as such, I must inevitably concede to the fact that beach season is fast approaching and that it is socially unacceptable for Jabba the Hut to wear a bikini. So, rather than consider the unthinkable (I would give up oxygen before my TAP grilled cheeses), I devised a plan B. Here are some classes that will actually make you want to put on spandex and get your butt over to the gym…

  • ATHLETIC 76: Kickboxing: Gentlemen, take note. Girls are to kickboxing as boys are to CS classes. Other than that, bring your  frustrations and baggage to class and visualize it all while jabbing and uppercutting. (1 Unit, T/Th 5:15-6:05, fee)
  • ATHLETIC 164: Intermediate Sand Volleyball: Get you pass, set, spike ready for summertime competition. Bikinis not included. (1 unit, multiple times, fee)

    Day 1.

  • ATHLETIC 58: Beginning Gymnastics: If you ever dreamed of parkouring your way to viral YouTube status, fantasized about being Kim Possible (who… me?), or just wanted to tumble around on mats and trampolines for stress relief, this is the class to take. (1 unit, T/Th 12-12:50, fee)
  • ATHLETIC 347: Aerial Fabrics 1: It’s Cirque du Soleil 101. It’s swirling around on ropes. It’s lithe limbs and abs of steel. It is quite possibly the coolest class you will ever take at Stanford. (1 unit, M 8:15-10:05 pm, fee)
  • ATHLETIC 63: Hip Hop: For anyone who was looking to recreate themselves in college, to drop that nerd facade and pop, lock, and drop their way to a new plane of coolness, look no further. (1 unit, M/W 10-10:50 am, fee)
  • ATHLETIC 138: Intermediate/Advanced Table Tennis: I am confident in saying that this is a skill that will serve you far more loyally than most other classes you will take at Stanford. Dorm Ping-Pong champ? Check. (1 unit, T/Th 10-10:50 am, fee)


Spring of Love: Perhaps it’s all the extra pollen, the abundant sunshine, or maybe something in the water, but spring quarter always leaves me itching to channel some hippie-esque, good vibes-y spirit. And with the outdoor concerts on the books for next quarter (among other events), I have a feeling that I’m not going to be alone. Why not let that good feeling permeate your schedule? These classes will definitely turn you on and keep you tuned in, but something tells me you won’t want to drop out…

  • RELIST 18: Zen Buddhism: Just say “Ommmmmmm” and abandon all traces of Floating Duck Syndrome. Oh yeah, did I also mention it’s a double GER filler? I’m feeling more relaxed already… (4 units, M/W/F 10-10:50, GERs: DBHum, ECGlobalCom)
  • MUSIC 147A: Music Ethnography of the Bay Area: Hop around San Francisco and the Bay Area doing research and listening to awesome musicians? Yeah, sign me up.  (3-5 units, T/Th 10-11:30, GERs: DBHum)
  • PHIL 7N: What is Truth: According to Aldous Huxley, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad”. Hopefully this class proves otherwise… (3 units, M/W 11-12:30, GERs: DBHum)
  • ENGLISH 92: Reading and Writing Poetry: It might not be snapping to Kerouac or Ginsberg circa the 1967 Haight, but who could possibly say no to a little composition

    I think it's a little more complicated than that...

    and recitation to get their creative juices flowing? (5 units, Multiple times, Lottery,Preq: PWR 1)

  • ANTHRO154: Anthropology of Drugs: Experience, Capitalism, Modernity: Not sure how hands-on this class is, but I don’t imagine my hopes (or any other part of me) will be high… (5 units, W 1:15-4:05)
  • SOC 118: Social Movements and Collective Action: Curious about standing up for different causes? Want to delve into the concept of groupthink? Break out your picket signs and start brainstorming chants –  this is gonna be a good one… (5 units, M/W 9:30 – 10:45, GERs: DBSocSci)


Creative Outlets: Who doesn’t love a funky art class? This set might set a record on the most unique and enticing bunch. After taking one of these, I promise you’ll never want to draw a bowl of fruit ever again.

  • ARTSTUDI 262: The Chair: Sit down, pop a squat, or take a seat in this course on one of the most often-used items in our daily lives. Make a highly conceptualized and finished chair and call yourself an expert. (4 units, T/Th 3:15-5:05)
  • DRAMA 103: Beginning Improvising: Need to improve on your improv? Looking to be a little quicker on your toes and amuse your friends? Sign up for this, a Stanford classic, and build an invaluable skill set. (3 units, M/W/F 10-11:50)
  • DRAMA 132: Costume Design: When you watch a movie, do you ignore the

    It's basically a class about Pinterest.

    names and plot while getting intensely lost in the period fashions and styles? Are you inspired by how the human body serves as the framework for an ever-changing piece of art? Sign up for Costume Design and try your hand at turning fabric into statement. (4 units, M/W 10-11:50, Preq – Drama 30 or instructor consent)

  • FILMPROD 101: Screenwriting: Do you have what it takes to write the next Emmy-winning sitcom or craft snappy, poignant, and memorable dialogue? We might not be able to redo those awkward moments in real life, but in this class you can repeat and edit that witty comeback until it’s just right. (5 units, W/F 2:15-4:05, Prereqs – English 90; English 190F or FilmProd 104; instructor consent)
  • MUSIC 128: Stanford Laptop Orchestra: Composition, Coding and Performance: So, you can’t sing, play an instrument, or produce any sort of harmonious organic sound. It’s ok. Enter Stanford Laptop Orchestra. Bring music to new dimensions and let your techiness shine in the most melodious of ways. (1-5 units, W 7-10 pm)
  • ENGLISH 146: Development of the Short Story: Continuity and Innovation Two people meet on a train at midnight… take this class and finish the rest. (5 units, M/W 1:15-3:05, GERs: DBHum)


Internship Warm-Ups: You poured over your resume. You nailed the interview. You survived the drug test. You did it. You snagged the internship of your dreams. What now? Obviously a driven, accomplished student like yourself needs to be able to hit the ground sprinting when you head into the office on Day 1. Obviously, a brilliant Stanford student like yourself knew to check TUSB for the best courses to prepare for doing so. Good job, you’re in the right place. Here are some classes to loosen-up your real-world mental muscles and get you ready to blow your superiors away. We all know that Stanford students don’t look for a job – they make one. But, short of that, lets set a precedent that no Stanford student need apply to the same place twice…


  • SOC 161: The Social Science of Entrepreneurship: Come on now, you didn’t go to all those career fairs for nothing, did you? (5 units, M/W 1:15-2:05, GERs: DBSocSci)
  • EARTHSCI 251: Negotiation: Whether learning to smooth-talk your way through business deals or barter for tchotchkes during your summer abroad, take this class if you have any vested interest in learning how to get what you want. (3 units, M 12:15-2:05)
  • ENGR 103: Public Speaking: There are few skills more important than learning how to romance a room. Seriously, this is a class that everyone can and should take.  (3 units, multiple times)

    Home Sweet Home

  • INTNLREL 142: Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development, and Justice: So. Many. Buzzwords. (5 units, W 1:15-3:05)
  • SOC 105: The 2008 Financial Crisis in Comparative Perspective: ‘We study history to avoid repeating mistakes of the past…’ I can’t remember who said this probably paraphrased quote, but for the sake of all our retirement plans, I beg you, Stanford students taking this class, prove that mantra true. (5 units, M/W 3:15-4:45)
  • ECON 10: Silicon Valley Meets Wall Street: What do you get when you combine a VC and a buzzword? This class. (1 unit, Th 4:15-6:05)
  • ENG 202W: Technical Writing: Focuses on how to compose solid, well-written technical reports and presentations. (3 units, T/Th 11-12:15)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t include BIO150 in this list.

  2. Leigh says:

    Great point, Anonymous. I didn’t catch everything… So readers, if you know of any awesome classes I missed, please list them here and spread the word. Also, for those of you who want the scoop on BIO 150, check out this great TUSB article from last year: http://tusb.stanford.edu/2010/12/bio150-a-k-a-the-class-everybody-took-last-spring-—-now-available-on-itunes.html
    Happy reading!

  3. Kristi says:

    I’m loving the links throughout this article. Coolest bandages ever!!

  4. studentathlete says:

    Oh no, the muggles found our list.

  5. Steven says:

    Yeah BIO150’s gotta be on there. Also who could turn down 1-unit of Happiness with Athletic196?!

  6. Matt Vassar says:


    Apologies for showing up a bit late, but thank you for your kind mention of ENGR 103: Public Speaking in your guide! The course is offered all three quarters of the academic year (not just spring!), so if anybody happens to see this note and is interested in the course, please enroll for whatever quarter works best for you!

    You’ll have fun learning through creative exercises in class the valuable life skills on how to present yourself and convey your value to whatever organization you end up in. If you’re interested in learning more, turn up to the first class next quarter (as it’s mandatory) on either Tuesday or Wednesday night!

    Thank you, again, Leigh, for your mention! And I look forward to meeting any prospective students in class!

    Warmest regards,


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