This Week in Stanford 2/21/12 – 2/27/12

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Winter is coming. That’s completely wrong, but it feels that way since the weather decided to take a nosedive. So bundle up, hunker down and check out what’s been happening on the Farm.

  • Next year we may be getting a new, improved ASSU. The ASSU Executive has released new governing documents, overhauling the current arrangement of the school’s legislative and executive student branches.
  • We’ve reached a new wave of education. First we had computers in the classroom. Next, we may have iPads for education. Although a new study has found that iPads increase literacy scores in kindergartners, Professor Larry Cuban questions whether this was real learning or a new novelty.
  • City planners in Redwood City are concerned about increased traffic congestion if Stanford builds a new satellite campus. I’m just curious about the new campus that will house 6,000 Stanford employees in a neighboring city. If I hear more, I’ll be sure to post it here.
  • IHUM is dead. Maybe. Although Stanford’s faculty have looked favorably on the new freshman requirement, Thinking Matters, things will truly be decided at the next Faculty Senate meeting on March 8th.
  • The petitions and please have given Chi Theta Chi a small reprieve. The administration will not be taking the house until August. We’ll see if Chi Theta Chi has a chance to change their mind.
  • Jonathan Mayer, graduate student of Computer Science and Law, found that Google, the company that tells other to not be evil, was doing just that. In a study, Mayer discovered that Google was bypassing privacy settings on Apple’s web browser and devices.


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