Auf wiedersehen, Stanford!

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Excellent study spot on a sunny day.

In sixteen short hours I’ll begin my journey to Stanford’s Berlin campus.  I’m really excited for the amazing courses, experiences, people, and sites that I will encounter during my travels in Germany.

But as I said goodbye to my friends staying on campus and going abroad elsewhere next quarter, it hit me: I won’t be on campus for six whole months.  That’s a crazy long time, and as I frantically finished finals and packing, I realized that I’m not done here.  This false early departure has made me acutely aware of the awesomeness of this place, this space.

To commemorate the end of eight amazing quarters and toast the beginning of four more, here’s a small collection of my favorite photos of the Farm.  Please excuse the quality – they’re all on-the-fly iPhone snapshots from life on campus.

To those of you staying on campus this quarter: have a blast on my behalf.  Enjoy all that Stanford has to offer, and never forget how lucky we are to be here.



Double rainbow over Avery Aquatics.

This happy palm tree awaits Big Game.

MemChu by night

The ever-majestic "I-just-finished-my-problem-set" bike ride home across the Quad.

Picnic weather in November

The Claw lagoon (photo: my sister)

MemAud from HooTow!


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  1. Shahab Fadavi says:

    Stanford is beautiful, in every sense of the word. Have fun in Berlin Kristi!


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