This Week in Stanford 3/6/12 – 3/12/12

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For once, it would be nice if Dead Week was actually dead. This means less (if not zero) classes, and a short break between our last assignments  and our finals. Alas, we work on a quarter system which means the only time we’ll really be able to rest is Spring Break. Just like Stanford students, reality doesn’t stop either and many things are still happening around the Farm.

  • Are you in Computer Science 183: Startup? If you haven’t signed up yet, there is little chance of getting into the oversubscribed class, taught by alum and higher education skeptic Peter Thiel. Either way, this class is definitely worth checking out.
  • Who has spirit? Stanford has spirit! Although this list wasn’t ranked, we were still recognized as one of the top 23 colleges in the nation with the most school spirit by Inside Collge.
  • The Highlight of this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Conference was the mobile app of the same name, created by alum Paul Davidson. The app connects like minded people in the same area using location data – something that would definitely useful on our social entrepreneurship centric campus. Networking, anybody?
  • Anyone else ready for a campaign season? Don’t worry – I’m not either. Regardless, it is worth taking a look at Spring Quarter’s upcoming ASSU executive candidates before their message is obscured by the onslaught of flyering and branding.
  • Let’s celebrate writers! This past week, Stanford’s Humanities Center held its 19th Annual Celebration of Publications. Although most of these publications are a little bit more academic than this valiant blog, it is worth acknowledging writing of all types.
  • Although some may assume that coffee is always helpful when you’re working late, Stanford researchers have found that coffee actually has a negative impact on those that wake up early. If you actually attend your 9 am classes, a cup of joe in the evening may hurt more than it helps.


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