Pro-Fro Blog! How are you liking Stanford???

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Photo Credit: Stanford University Event Calendar.

At today’s Activities Fair, some intrepid ProFros were willing to try their hand at a little blogging, TUSB-style, and share their thoughts on Admit Weekend:

As a (finally) committed student, I’d like to give a warm shout-out to all my fellow SoCal-ers and members of the Class of 2016!!!!  GO CARDINAL!!!
–Lauren E Wedekind

There was no doubt in my mind, when I got my acceptance, that I was going to commit. Admit weekend has only further confirmed what I already knew – that nowhere is better than Stanford. Go Cardinal! (And love to Northern Virginia!)

Admit Weekend ’12 was pretty sick. The people, the weather, the culture, the school – everything is awesome! #GoStanford
–Alec Powell

As an admit who lives on campus, it’s nice to be part of one of these events finally instead of just bothered that all these random people who think they’re really smart are interfering with my bike ride to get a Jamba Juice. It’s still true that everyone thinks they’re really smart. But at least most people are right.
–David O.,

Everything was exceptional. The campus is fantastic.
–Adrian Leven

I never had doubts about going to Stanford.  But now I have even fewer.
–Josh K

Not yet committed; perhaps soon to be. To my parents: I am not dead! Stop calling me from noisy rooms where music is blaring and the only thing I can say is “Call me back. I can’t hear you. I’m still alive. I’m eating just fine.” Also, your request for me to send pictures and the weight of all the food I eat is ridiculous and won’t be complied with.

Shout-out to the other Tennessee admits. Also my cousin, who coincidentally happens to be my beautiful wife. Yee-haw, y’all!
–Jae-Young Son

Shout-out to Matt, Emily, Haley, Patty, and Jason for joining me in my spontaneous adventure of making the Class Shirt into reality. You guys rock!
Go Trees!

Admit Weekend is effing awesome… can’t wait to fountain hop tonight !(:

Just spilled lemonade all over myself! Blogging from admit weekend wooohoooo!

Just another lost ProFro repping Chi-City, AW LEGGOOO



Sleep…whats that?!
–Emily Strickler

Just want to say my RoHo Erin Gray is the best RoHo EVER!!
–Jenn Meylor

Admit Weekend 2012…Glow sticks. Late night dance parties. 2am fountain hopping. FroYo in the main quad. Sunshine. I can’t believe this is real life.
–Maria Filsinger


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