Seen at the Career Fair….

Posted by at 11:05PM
  • “And you’re co-terming? Eeeexcellent! We wants it, my precioussss.”

    company representatives walking around in the crowd, whispering, “CS… we want you…” looking for CS majors like drug dealers while panting in their pantsuits.

  • free T-shirts everywhere you go.  You can fill an entire wardrobe just at the Career Fair.
  • lots of startups whose names abused the English language that couldn’t explain what they did
  • massive line for Microsoft
  • free wine-tasting trips to Napa as the top freebie
  • General Motors handing out Detroit chocolate to convince you Detroit is a nice place
  • Palantir’s orange earbuds
  • Wait, there’s a CS career fair tomorrow?  So what was today?
  • Business casual is masochistic.
  • SpaceX was the most popular table.  Don’t understand why?  Sheesh, it’s not like it’s rocket science.
  • McKinsey had a table despite having resume drop before the career fair.
  • Seniors suffered peer pressure to go to the fair.  EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT, MAN.
  • Nobody knows what consulting is.
  • Applications to Stanford grad schools sharply increasing.
  • Abundant coughing after FMOTQ.


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