Hey YOU! (Yes, you) You Should Take Designing Your Stanford

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Welcome back you studly sophomores.

I’m writing this to tell you why you have to take ME104S: Designing Your Stanford, or as we normally refer to it DYS. DYS is one of a very short list of classes I feel comfortable recommending to anyone and everyone (incidentally the others are CS106A and BIO150: Human Behavioral Biology). I love recommending DYS to all types of people because I know that no matter where they are in their Stanford careers and no matter what their interests or major are (or might be), this class will be valuable to you.

DYS is taught by Bill Burnett, Dave Evans, and their crew of kick-ass d.life Fellows. The class is wildly entertaining and immediately applicable: the purpose is to optimize your Stanford experience, and you can start doing that right now. Through a combination of presentations, creative exercises, and homework assignments putting the principles to practice, DYS shows you how to use design principles like “prototype and iterate” to get the most out of four short, dense years.

You’ll do things like talk to a potential major advisor, create mind maps about what you want to do, and practice the art of storytelling… DYS will provide you with incredible mentoring, and introduce you to a host of other awesome students. Best of all, the class meets just once a week and has minimal homework; the bang for your buck is off the charts. However, like anything, the more you put in to DYS the more you will get back out of it (a lot more). So while the class is very low commitment, I highly encourage you to take the homework seriously and dedicate real time to crafting your assignments.

Check it out at designingyourstanford.org and have an awesome fall quarter!



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