Who We Are

The Staff gathers for chocolate chip pancakes at the 2011 TUSBrunch

The Unofficial Stanford Blog is a student group devoted to the authentic expression of Stanford voices and perspectives. We are a community of students, faculty and staff passionate about blogging and dedicated to innovation in online content and distribution. We exist to make life on campus more engaging, transparent, and fun.

TUSB is open to any Stanford student–just sign up to blog here. We hold meetings once a week to meet up in the non-Internet world, talk about ideas, and hopefully have at least a moderate amount of fun.


For all inquiries, email us at stanfordblogging@gmail.com.



Senior Bloggers


  • Justin Calles

Former Leadership


Former EIC Josh Freedman ('11) rocks the Blog T-shirt

TUSB is the brain child of Galen Panger ’07, who discovered that blog.stanford.edu was not registered on Stanford webspace. He quickly registered it and with the help of some friends created a student group to create a space for students and other Stanford affiliates to speak openly about things they cared about.

After graduating, Galen went on to work at Google and left Jason Shen ’08 and Christian Tom ’08 as co-presidents. Christian and Jason worked over the summer to transfer the URL blog.stanford.edu to make way for a Stanford Blog Directory that is run by Ian Hsu, Director of Internet Media Outreach and member of TUSB’s board of directors.

Following their graduation, the blog nearly faded away. However, before its complete demise, Josh Freedman ’11 attempted to bring it back, and worked with a team of bloggers to improve TUSB and further its mission of being a powerful institution for free speech and open expression on campus. He somehow roped Kevin Leung ’11 into helping run the site, and the two served as Bloggers-in-chief. They then passed the leadership torch onto Kristi Bohl ’13, George Malkin ’13, and Megan McGraw ’13, all of whom previously served as staff writers and/or senior bloggers. The blog was renovated in March 2010 to look something like what it does now.

Guidelines for Blogging

Please see the post on rules and tips for blogging.
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