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Music Mondays: Zelda Dubstep and John Legend

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Normally I approach fan-made remixes of theme music with the same skepticism as an astrophysics symposium hosted by Sarah Palin. The first thing for any bored nerd with a macbook and an overinflated sense of self-worth is to remix a classic video-game tune in a vain attempt to make it ‘hip for teh clubs’. Naturally the vast majority of these are absolute garbage. But every so often, the musical gems that do break away from this ocean of excrement shine all the brighter for their struggle. Here are some sick remixes of classic Legend of Zelda theme songs that have been gaining some hype recently:

Zedd-  Legend of Zelda Remix

Ephixa- Lost Woods Dubstep Remix

Bonus Track: Rolling in the Deep (John Legend Cover)

To be fair, Adele‘s original Rolling in the Deep was a pretty good song in its own right. And it really shouldn’t make sense to cover one of her songs because you’d be removing the best part: her unquestionably fantastic voice. That being said… John Legend absolutely kills it here, reminding everyone that he’s John F*%#ing Legend.  This is going to be huge.

California at Risk for a Super Storm

Monday, January 17th, 2011

like this but bigger

Several dozen meteorological experts warn that California could be at risk for a massive storm this winter.
This hypothetical “superstorm” could:

  • Last for 40 days
  • Dump 10 feet of rain
  • Flood up to a quarter of the state
  • Cause anywhere from $300-$400 billion in damages.

Happy Winter Quarter!

Andrew Luck Returning to School: Is it a Bad Thing?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Could Luck be on the same path as Matty Lite?

As you probably already know, star quarterback Andrew Luck is returning to school for in all likelihood his last hurrah with Stanford Football. If the school wasn’t already practically buzzing with that Orange Bowl high, it sure will be now. That loud party this weekend? Andrew Luck’s coming back. Those three guys passed out in that hedge? Andrew Luck’s coming back. Your roommate getting lucky and you getting sexiled? Andrew Luck’s coming back to Stanford.

However, a moment of silence as this decision amounts to a punch in the gut for Carolina Panther fans looking for a silver lining to an otherwise abysmal season. It’s their own fault for not being raucous and obnoxiously drunk at home games like proper fans (irony). Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to get him next year.

This decision is part of an older argument about the dangers of underclassmen passing up guaranteed money for more school. Did Andrew Luck make a good decision? So far, everyone at Stanford seems to think that Andrew Luck’s return is unquestionably good. Is it really? This post will analyze these burning questions, as well as touch on the Harbaugh situation. First off…

Could Andrew Luck returning for the 2011-2012 season be bad for Stanford?

Short Answer: No.