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A new song for the new summer

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

I’ve blogged about my friend and Stanford alum (’06) Jack Conte on here before, but I couldn’t help but put this one up, too. It’s a collaboration with Nataly Dawn (aka Natalie Knutsen ’09) called “Pas Encore” and released under the collaboration name Pomplamoose.
As if the awesome group name wasn’t enough, the song is better. If I were cool enough to say the word bumpin’, I would say this song is effortlessly bumpin’. I downloaded the mp3 from Jack’s mySpace and have been playing it on my iPod all morning. It’s my “new, awesome, hot” song for the summer. And, much like Jack’s other YouTube videos, this one was first released in VideoSong format, so there’s some fun stuff to watch. A particular delight for you CCRMA folks, I would think.

This could have been avoided for $39.99 + Tax

Saturday, June 7th, 2008


Stuck in my head all day

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

All Spring Break, I’ve had this song stuck in my head. This is a cover of “Feel Good Inc” by Gorillaz. Done by Jack Conte, ’06 and posted on YouTube:

Direct link to video
Jack’s YouTube Channel
Jack’s mySpace

Make at Statement! BEAT CAL!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Today, the Stanford Axe Committee announced the second annual BEAT CAL pictures contest! Created as a way to tie together students, alumni, and other Cardinal fans from around the word in a show of school spirit, beatcaledited.jpglast year’s contest elicited submissions from as far as Paris (right) and even the battlegrounds of Iraq. To submit your photo, email it to by November 24th, 2007. The top student and top alumni photo will be announced during Big Game Week. The winning prize: eternal glory.
Entries will be judged on creativity of composition, boldness of statement, artistry, and intangibles. Just to give you some ideas, previous BEAT CAL banners have been seen on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, on the side of Meyer Library, and on the Great Wall of China. But not every banner has to be huge. My favorite BEAT CAL picture of all time is an astronaut alum (Scott Parazynski, ’83, MD ’89) holding a small BEAT CAL sign in the space station Mir. Here is a description written by Chris Chapman ’08 about last year’s Stanford-in-Paris student photo winner:

We had a lot of fun doing this! We met just across the Seine from the tower at the Trocadero plaza. It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon — luckily, as it may have been the last day of blue sky for the month! We got a lot of stares and laughs with our giant cardboard posters, and many people stopped to take their own photos — including Sami Bendak, the father of a recent graduate. We quickly took as many shots as we could, as most of us had to run back to class! We all thought that this one came out as the best of the series. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Needless to say, if you do it right, it’s a memory you’ll keep forever. So, figure it out. Get a team together. Go it alone. Make it big. Make it small. Do it naked, for all we care! Do it today. Do it tomorrow. It doesn’t matter, because, after all, any day is a good day to BEAT CAL!

Upset Roundup: “Whose House? Our House?”

Monday, October 8th, 2007

There is no question. This campus was transformed by Stanford’s surprise win. I make no bones about being a huge Stanford fan, but this response shocked even me. I’ll be the first to say football should not be put on a pedestal, especially given our successes in other areas (Nobel Prizes, DARPA Challenge, #1 Women’s Soccer team, anyone?), but there was something cathartic about Saturday win and ensuring celebration. In fact, a stroll through White Plaza reveals the change:
Some estimate the crowd welcoming back the team at Arrillaga/Maples to be between 1,000 and 3,000 fans. Major shout out to my fellow AxeComm members, the ASSU, Stanford Athletics, and the administration for pulling it together on such short notice. If you judge the success of an event by attendees / hours notice, this may be the best party Stanford has seen in years. I heard even the Provost was there! Hah! Quarterback Tavita Pritchard called it “the most amazing thing I’ve seen on this campus since I’ve been there.”
And, while famed coach and ESPN analyst Lou Holtz would say Stanford needs to just as quickly move on and focus on Saturday’s game against TCU (2:00pm, Be there!), I can’t help but relive some of the amazing moments YouTube-style.

The Cardinal take down the #1/#2 U$C Trojans

Students in West Flo react to the win

Reaction at LSU’s Death Valley Stadium when the score was announced

Students mob the buses as they return to campus

Coach Jim Harbaugh’s speaks to the assembled fans

Not quite the Big Game Bonfire, but a fire in the Quad is still exciting

Stanford beats #2 USC 24 – 23

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

MATT SAYLES / Associated Press

Stanford shocks No. 2 USC on late TD pass, four Booty interceptions (AP)
Stanford topples USC: What the upset means to Cal(college hotline)

An email from Dean Julie:

WE BEAT USC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless, breathless and
They’re flying back tonight, expected to arrive at midnight at
Arrillaga. Let’s bring the entire Red Zone out to applaud the
amazing Stanford Cardinal when they get home! Bring
everyone! Forward this to everyone! WHOSE HOUSE? OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dean Julie

A crazy, ridiculous game.
A crazy ridiculous night.

Stanford’s (Not-So)-Hidden Treasure

Friday, August 24th, 2007

I am not a movie buff. Or, at least, I didn’t used to be. Then, I decided to draw with a guy that this is, was, and always will be obsessed with film. Whether it’s dreaming in the unique worlds of Michel Gondry or exalting the narrative genius of a Wallace and Gromit short, Jack’s love of movies makes Leonard Maltin seem like a first year film student. And, clearly, it has rubbed off on me, for I have found a new obsession: The Stanford Theatre.
My love affair with this unique venue started, as most good things do, on a whim. I was taking a stroll down University, having just left campus on a Saturday afternoon around 3:30. Upon seeing a line outside the theater, my eyes looked up to find Dail “M” for Murder (1954) and Sabrina (1954) on the marquee. Having never seen either, but a fan of both Hitchcock and Hepburn, and with no plans for the evening, I decided to seize the opportunity and duck in for an old film. Much to my (unemployed) pleasure, I immediately found out on of the theater’s greatest attributes: it’s affordable! With a $7 ticket granting admission to both films and cheap concessions (popcorn, a drink, and candy all for under $5), this is easily the cheapest romantic date around (and about the only affordable thing to do on University!).
Beyond that, the theater itself is absolutely stunning, with comfortable seats, a balcony view, and even live organ music before and after the 7:30 showing. Add in a diverse mix of patrons and the nostalgic posters and cinema paraphernalia on display in the lobby, and you’ve got one of the move unique and delightful movie-going experiences this side of Cannes.
Just today, I was back for more with the no-so-politically-correct The Jungle Princess (1936) and monster-classic Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), before which the organist played Bach’s eerie “Tocatta and Fugue.” I’m not quite sure how long I’ll keep up my old movie obsession, but one thing’s for sure: I now know where to get my fix.
THIS WEEKEND be sure to catch Citizen Kane (1941) at 3:35 and 7:30 followed by The Maltese Falcon (1941) at 5:20 and 9:00. Also, remember that this Saturday and Sunday is the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts (10:00am to 6:00pm), which will take over University Avenue in a display of art, wine, and music. It should be very fun.

Video Electronica

Friday, July 6th, 2007

Check out this new video from Jack Conte ’06. After graduating from Stanford with a degree in Music, Science, and Technology, Jack turned down admission to USC Film School in hopes of making a living in the indie music scene. He just released a new EP and is about to head out on a West Coast tour. I’ll be posting an interview with him soon, but I thought I’d share this new video he sent me. Pretty cool. Special props for accordion, Jack.

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity in Education

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Yet another fascinating presentation from TED
Watch and discuss.

Miss USA at Miss Universe Contest

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

“No words to describe it. Poetry! They should have sent a poet.”

UMass, Protests, and War

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

I recently caught wind of an interesting story at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As part of the school’s advanced degree graduation procedings, the administration chose to give an honorary doctorate in public service to Andrew Card, President Bush’s former Chief of Staff (2000-2006). This decision was not received well by many at the school, resulting in student protests and an online petition with well over 1000 signatures, including 200+ faculty members. Nevertheless, the university still presented the degree, and the video below shows the response.

Now, I have seen my fair share of protests. I mean, if you live in California long enough, you will. I honestly can’t say I’ve been much of a fan of protests in the past. Still, I was struck by the proceedings at UMass. I’m not quite sure what it is, though. Perhaps it’s the striking unanimity with which people progressed, one faculty member after another with anti-Card signs. Perhaps it’s the anger I sensed in the crowd’s boos and catcalls. Maybe, instead, it’s the realization that we are in a new wave of activism in our generation.
While Generation Y was long decried for its apathy, we seem more willing to recognize and fight injustice. In a time where thousands of Americans have died fighting a war based on unsubstantiated claims, it’s only fitting that we would be more conscious. On our campus alone, protests are becoming more extreme, more poignant, and more frequent. And, I’ve taken notice and find myself more sympathetic now. So, to those who protest: keep fighting the good fight, and you might just see me there one day.

CalTrain and BART Free Today

Monday, April 30th, 2007

In the wake of the “MacArthur Maze Meltdown”, all Bay Area public transit will be free Monday, in hopes of reducing what is expected to be unbearably bad traffic. So, if you were thinking about going up to the City or down to San Jose for the Sharks’ playoff game, I’d say this is as good a reason as any to make a day trip out of it. If you have no clue what this is all about, read the linked article or check out the accompanying picture.

Student Unions Blog Launched

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

unionsblogscreen.jpgWith all of the new traffic that is bound to come to this blog, I thought it a perfect time to announce the launch of the the Student Unions blog, the third in what will hopefully become a full network of student blogs. With lots of help from USB contributors Galen (gttp) and Megan (studentarts), I was able to get this thing going, and I hope it will become a great resource for students interested in learning more about the unions and getting involved!
For now, most of the content will be around Old Union and its renovation. There seems to be a major gap between what a student involved in the process (like me) and what the average student knows. I hope this blog helps alleviate that and re-opens the channels of communication. So, check out the blog, leave your comments, or email me at After all, this should really become a real student union.

A Little Teaser…

Monday, April 16th, 2007

The drought is almost over. Over the next eight weeks, you are going to see a lot information about Old Union come out. What’s in it? When is it opening? What does it look like? This renovation is very exciting, and I can’t wait to get the campus talking about it again. Be sure to check out the spread coming up in the Daily soon, and, of course, look for full and exclusive coverage from the Unofficial Stanford Blog throughout Spring.

Top-ranked Women’s Water Polo vs. #2 UCLA on Saturday

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

And now for a break from ASSU stuff:
Stanford’s Women’s Water Polo team is on a role, winning its 17th consecutive game on Saturday with a blowout of Long Beach State. The #1-ranked Cardinal are now 19-1 overall and 8-0 in MPSF play, with the only loss coming to USC during the Stanford Invite. With strong leadership from seniors Alison Gregorka, Christina Hewko, Meridith McColl, and Katie Hansen, this team seems certain to make a run for the national championship.
Come cheer on the Cardinal as it hopes to continue its streak next Saturday, April 14th against No. 2 UCLA at the Avery Aquatics Center at 1:00 PM. This is a really important game–one of the last home games of the season–and I hope a lot of people are able to make it. Be loud, and bleed Cardinal.