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Well, I guess this is growing up.

Monday, January 21st, 2013

xkcd pretty much reads my mind

The transition to adulthood is not a graceful one.

I recently turned twenty-two, and I realized I’ve outlived all of the “fun” birthdays.  To my fourth grade self, twenty-two years was an unfathomably long time.  So unfathomable, in fact, that I didn’t bother to keep going past 21 on my “life prediction” timeline for fourth grade English.  I beat my own estimate!  So I got that going for me, which is nice.

I guess the main thing that weirds me out about this age is the loaded expectation everyone seems to have for seniors of knowing what they want.  What they’re “doing.”  To me it’s almost comical.  For four years we’ve been encouraged to find and pursue myriad new passions in an intellectual powerhouse.  I followed the call with gusto, developed enthusiasm for obscure historical epochs, thoroughly embarrassed myself in broken German (you’ll wanna click that link), and fell in love, again and again, with the beauty and complexity of technology, from the fickle whims of the electron to the subtle elegance of synchronization variables.

And now you want me to choose.   (more…)

The Day Before

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

On the way to Stanford.

The rusted grass on the side of the road looked familiar, as if it had scratched the backs of my legs in a dream years ago. And the brush I must have run through, red powdery flowers staining my fingers as I scraped past—but it was too real to have been a dream. I’d traveled this road before (the car crawling up the highway) and I used to imagine my hands trailing on the road as we blew past the rolling hills of rusted grass and red-stained brush. They’d blister, like the sun on the roof of our car.

It’s hard for me to imagine just how big the great state of California is and in comparison the smallness of my town, my house, my microscopic room… and I had to leave my little niche in the world, the place I’d carved out. And yet, I realize that my parents cut out a piece of the world and set me in, let me grow bigger, helped me make that space my own as I grew into myself. I know that I’ve outgrown that cave. My head scrapes the ceiling, my legs press against the hard rock.

My pianoI ran my hands over the painted walls of the house, felt the creaking hard wood that screamed to the world I was awake at midnight on those endless Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Goodbye. I caressed the ivory keys of my piano next and mourned the end of my physical ownership of it—it will always be my parent’s piano now, the piano of my childhood, the piano I play when I go home… but never mine. The piano of Liszt and Beethoven and Turina and Debussy and even Bill Boyd (my favorite composer during those early years) is no longer mine, for I’m off to caress other keys, make other connections. But memories are just as solid as real things, if not more so; their heartbeats can be stronger than our own. Wait: I stand corrected. Emotional memories. The way it felt. The way it will always feel. (more…)

Blogger Profiles Are Here!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Hey everyone,
So, a lot of people have been asking us to post profiles of some of the Stanford bloggers, obviously because of our witty, accessible writing. While we didn’t want to impose a mandatory rule, several bloggers responded to our call for profiles.
Right now, we’ve got 13 of our 40+ bloggers — and they’ve included portraits, websites, and tons of YouTube videos. Come and say hi.

Blogger Profiles!

–Jason Shen and Christian Tom (2007-2008 Co-Presidents)

Blogger Profile: David Gobaud

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Name: David Gobaud
Class: 2008
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Las Vegas
Email: gobaudd@

Blogger Profile: Gilbert

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Name: Gilbert Martinez
Class: Ph.D Candidate
Major: Biophysics
Hometown: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Life Aspirations: Write an episode of The Simpsons.
Favorite Websites:
Watch these YouTube videos

David Blaine Street Magic: YouTube Edition!

David Blaine Street Magic 2: The Sequel
Funny picture I found on the internet

Blogger Profile: Min Liu

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Name: Min Liu
Class: 2006
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: San Jose, CA
E-mail: min [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Life aspirations:
Find the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, design, and photography. Be with friends. And bake and cook and dine out. And travel. And read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Economist compulsively. And all the blogs I love. Discover the best hot chocolate on this side of the U.S. (it’s no easy task!!). Go swimming and hiking, and play vball on the Oval!
Favorite websites: My flickr, and Google Maps in general.
Watch these youtube videos:

Favorite picture you found online:
I have too many (i heart flickr), but here’s my current fav, of a father and his son, Wilson:
Something wild and crazy about myself: I’ve gone to more grad student parties after graduation than I have partied in my undergrad career. The benefits of living in the Bay Area as an alum :)
With “The Peel” at the Cantor Arts Center on campus.

Blogger Profiles: Galen Panger!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Name: Galen Panger
Title(s): Founder, former President (2006-2007)
Class: 2007
Major: Public Policy
Hometown: Beach Park, IL
E-mail: gpanger at gmail
Life aspirations:
To make the world safe for human creativity and initiative, to enhance democracy and community through the internet, to continue educating myself on the ways of the world, to get involved in politics, to stop global warming, and to help relieve poverty here in America and abroad.
Favorite websites
Watch these YouTube videos:

Anna Deavere-Smith at TED

Eugene Nho For ASSU Senate

MADtv – iRack (including blooper)
Favorite picture you found online:
(that’s how i feel sometimes)
Personal heroes:
Al Gore (he should be president!)
Steve Jobs

Blogger Profiles: evilbunny

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

“The children of Doom…Doom’s children. They told my lord the way to the Mountain of Power. They told him to throw down his sword and return to the earth. Hah! Time enough for the earth in the grave.”
-Conan the Barbarian [the movie]
Name: evilbunny likes to remain anonymous, but will reveal that she is a
Stanford graduate student, and as her posts reveal, she is married.
She was born in CA, in silicon valley, but was forcibly relocated by her parents at the tender age of 4 to Nowhereville, Northern CA, 4,000 feet up in the Sierra Nevadas, population 400. By contrast her high school [30 minutes down the mountain] had 400 students [total] and at the time was located in the rather large town of 20K people! There were no movie theaters in the county she grew up in and her parents didn’t believe in TV so she read a lot, a whole lot, to entertain herself.
My mission in lifeAt this current time my aspiration is to finish my dissertation, however, I would like to eventually become the evil, despotic, ruler of the universe. Henchmen applications are currently being accepted.
Websites I like:Home on the Strange
Something Positive
Full Frontal Nerdity
Watch this Youtube Video:

The Easter Bunny Hates You
Favorite Show: The Venture Bros.
Crazy fact about me: I’m evil.

Blogger Profile: Rahul Thathoo

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Name: Rahul Thathoo
Class: Masters First Year
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Gurgaon, India
Life aspirations: To make a positive impact on the lives of people through my work
Favorite websites:,
Favorite image:
Something wild and crazy about myself: I have lived in so many different cities and parts of the world, that the toughest question to answer is “What is your home town?”

Blogger Profile: Megan Miller

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Name:Megan Miller
Hometown:Arcata, CA
Life Goal: To promote the long-term survival and flourishing of humanity (and the arts!)
Favorite Website: My blog!
Favorite video:

Percussionists claiming an apartment for their own and using it for musical purposes.

hmmm a picture is missing...

Blogger Profile: Jason Shen

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Name: Jason Shen
Class: 2008
Major: Biological Sciences, Honors thesis in Ethics in Society
Hometown: Newton, MA
Email: jashen at stanford dot edu
Life aspirations: To promote the long-term survival and flourishing of humanity
Favorite website: xkcd comics , Seth Godin
Favorite images:
When did we forget our dreams?
Watch these YouTube videos:

Big Flipoff Promo

Inside the Gymnastic Life

Strength Comes in the Struggle
Something crazy about me: I can determine underwear color through jeans.

Blogger Profile: Jason Hreha

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Name: Jason Hreha
Class: 2009
Major: Human Biology, minor in Classics
Hometown: Danville, CA
email: jhreha@
Career AmbitionsI want to become a doctor and help discover new treatments for various neurological or cardiovascular diseases.
Favorite websites:
The Huffington
Favorite YouTube videos:
Flea Market Rap

Councilman Throws Object at ReporterWorst Weatherman in History

Blogger Profile: Christian Tom

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Name: Christian L. Tom
Major: History
Hometown: New York City
Email: cltom@
A website I like: All Look Same
Watch this Youtube Video:
Ella Fitzgerald singing “Hey Jude,” great artist, great song