Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Unofficial Stanford Blog?

We are an open group of students that blog.  For short, we are abbreviated TUSB.  Can you pronounce that?  Neither can we, but that’s part of the allure.  We’re kind of like Prince while he was the-artist-formerly-known-as-Prince, but a blog.

See our “About Us” page for complete information.  The Blog is open to any Stanford student – sign up or email us for information about meetings or if you want to talk to us.

Why is it ‘unofficial’?

The ‘unofficial’ is there to denote that we are not run by the University.  We are an independent student group, and the ‘unofficial’ is there to clarify that nothing on the Blog represents the views of the University or its employees.

Is the blog affiliated with some other campus publication, like the Stanford Daily?

No.  The Blog is a standalone student group.  We maintain friendly relationships with the other campus publications because we strive hard to be nice people, but we are not officially related to any of them.  This allows us to maintain our own policies and give more attention to our writers.

How do I get involved?

If you want to be a part of TUSB – whether by writing, photographing, videographing, coding (we designed the web site ourselves), facebooking, or coming to our meetings and humorizing – we want you. You can blog without ever interacting us with in the real world of human relationships, or you can step outside of the Web and become an active member by showing up to meetings, suggesting topics to blog about, spearheading larger projects to explore, or helping out with Blog administration to keep the blog up and running.

To sign up to post, click here, sign up, and then start blogging.

For more information, email us and we will happily respond.

What can I blog about?

For the most part, you can – and we encourage you to – blog about whatever you want.  We won’t force you to cover certain topics; instead, we want you to write about the topics that interest you.  The power of the Blog derives from the variety of student voices and variety of content that these voices write about.

Am I eligible to blog?

Are you a Stanford student?   Then yes!  No experience is necessary to blog, though basic literacy is preferred.  Also, if you are not a student but a Stanford affiliate in some way (faculty, staff, or alumni, for example) and are interested in blogging, send us an email and we will talk about possibilities.

How much of a time commitment is TUSB?

It depends on how much you want to put into it. If you are interested in the Blog, we want to find a way for you to get involved in whatever capacity best suits you. Here are a few ways people are currently contributing to the Blog:

Being a freelance writer.  The Blog is open-content, meaning that anyone from Stanford can sign up to blog and just go ahead and post. Sign up to blog and contribute whenever you fancy.

Being a staff writer.  A step up from freelance bloggers, staff writers are expected to post with some regularity (approximately once a week or so) and attend meetings.

Being a senior blogger.  Similar to staff writers, senior bloggers also contribute to some administrative aspect of the Blog that helps keep the blog up and running.

Are there restrictions to what I can say on the Blog?

We feel very strongly about preserving free speech on the Blog, but there are some obvious restrictions.  You cannot write anything that is illegal.  Besides that, the blog is technically subject to Stanford’s Terms of Use since it resides on the Stanford server, but this document can be interpreted in many ways.  As such, our interpretation of these rules is that which we think most effectively promotes free discussion on campus: if you are willing to put your name on your post and stand up for what you have written, we will stand by you and your post.

We want people to disagree: part of the goal of TUSB is to enhance the level of dialogue and knowledge of issues on campus and beyond in hopes of hopefully improving them via the public sphere.

Can I post about another group or activity I am directly involved in?

We ask that you do not write about things that you are closely tied to so as to ensure that the blog is not overrun by self-promotion.  But if you think something you are a part of is worth writing about, you can encourage another blogger to report on it or work out another solution.  Occasionally we do welcome expert guest posts: please email us directly if this interests you.

Can I post anonymously?  Can I comment anonymously?

You cannot post anonymously–we require that you put your real name on every post to avoid what we call “Internet Jerkface Syndrome.”   This is an infectious disease in which people, under the influence of the anonymity of the Internet, decide to become huge jerks.

However, we do allow anonymous commenting since we feel that some important discussion might be missed out upon if people are not allowed to comment anonymously.  Because of this, we at TUSB reserve the right to remove any comment – but since we care deeply about free speech, we will try to avoid this at all costs.

I want to advertise on TUSB.  How do I do this?

Email us at stanfordblogging at gmail dot com and we will forward you onto our advertising team, run through Stanford Student Enterprises.

Who designed the Blog?

Like all other aspects of TUSB, the Blog is student-designed and coded.  2010-2011 Bloggers-in-Chief Kevin Leung and Josh Freedman are responsible for the current layout of the Blog.  The Blog is always looking for people interested in web design and/or programming to help add new features or change elements of the design.  TUSB coders/designers get enormous creative control – email us if you are interested in the technical side of the Blog.

Does TUSB stay open during the summer and when school is not in session?

Yes.  The Internet, like New York City, never sleeps, so the Blog is still active during the summer.  However, because we are not in school and are likely busy doing other things, the Blog will likely be substantially less active than during the school year.

Oh, and if you send us emails over the summer it might take a little while to respond.  But we will!

I have a question that’s not on here. What do I do?

Google it.  Or email us.