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In Defense of Our Cultural Communities

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

This past Saturday, for the first time in my years here (only 2), gun shots were fired on the Stanford campus. This occurred in Lagunita Parking Lot near Roble Field where Blackfest was being held.

Our campus, other than shock at this occurrence, was virtually silent on the affair. Most people publicly complained about the lack of information about the gun shots and gunman and how, compared to other violent crimes that occurred this year, the police department gave out the least information while this seems the most potentially fatal. Yet, I think most people on campus couldn’t help but make a connection between the shootings and the “black” event at Stanford.

More than anything, Blackfest was a way for our communities to celebrate hip hop with other people from Stanford and the surrounding areas.

Other than mentions of proximity, only one person really brought up the issue that most people felt too polite to bring up: the reflection the shootings would have on Stanford’s black community. Autumn Carter wrote a compelling article in the Stanford Review  about the fact that being black in itself has nothing to do with violence. People are familiar with the black community here – this idea should be self-evident. Yet, even though no one made a big fuss over the connection, she felt the need to defend the community. And I can’t help but wonder why.


Words Straight From the ProFros

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

At yesterday’s Activities Fair, a few intrepid ProFros were willing to try their hand at a little blogging for the first time because they couldn’t resist saying a few words about their first Stanford experience:

The ProFros seem so happy! And now we have proof. (Photo from Stanford Daily File Photo)

So whats wrong about Stanford? I am desperately trying to find some kind of objective bearing on which to judge an institution that everyone considers to be the best school ever.
Being the crazy person that I am,  I’ve tried to sleep in the academic expos like I do regularly at my high school, but the professors were just too interesting (sleepless and loving it). I found myself actually contributing and quite engaged (take that public school). I’ve tried to find activities that Stanford doesnt offer, and that, quite frankly, has been a total failure. I’ve tried to judge the crowd, but as far I’ve seen all that Stanford kids have to offer is cool music, a chill personality, and an unparalleled academic prowess.
So what’s wrong about Stanford? Ummmm……maybe Stanford is just too damn perfect.
The  Fosho Profro