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Pro-Fro Blog! How are you liking Stanford???

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Photo Credit: Stanford University Event Calendar.

At today’s Activities Fair, some intrepid ProFros were willing to try their hand at a little blogging, TUSB-style, and share their thoughts on Admit Weekend:

As a (finally) committed student, I’d like to give a warm shout-out to all my fellow SoCal-ers and members of the Class of 2016!!!!  GO CARDINAL!!!
–Lauren E Wedekind

There was no doubt in my mind, when I got my acceptance, that I was going to commit. Admit weekend has only further confirmed what I already knew – that nowhere is better than Stanford. Go Cardinal! (And love to Northern Virginia!)

Admit Weekend ’12 was pretty sick. The people, the weather, the culture, the school – everything is awesome! #GoStanford
–Alec Powell

As an admit who lives on campus, it’s nice to be part of one of these events finally instead of just bothered that all these random people who think they’re really smart are interfering with my bike ride to get a Jamba Juice. It’s still true that everyone thinks they’re really smart. But at least most people are right.
–David O.,

Everything was exceptional. The campus is fantastic.
–Adrian Leven

I never had doubts about going to Stanford.  But now I have even fewer.
–Josh K

Not yet committed; perhaps soon to be. To my parents: I am not dead! Stop calling me from noisy rooms where music is blaring and the only thing I can say is “Call me back. I can’t hear you. I’m still alive. I’m eating just fine.” Also, your request for me to send pictures and the weight of all the food I eat is ridiculous and won’t be complied with.

Shout-out to the other Tennessee admits. Also my cousin, who coincidentally happens to be my beautiful wife. Yee-haw, y’all!
–Jae-Young Son

Shout-out to Matt, Emily, Haley, Patty, and Jason for joining me in my spontaneous adventure of making the Class Shirt into reality. You guys rock!
Go Trees!
–Eric (more…)

What I Wish I Knew At Admit Weekend

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Class of 2016 – we’re so excited to have you here again! Although I’m a junior and Admit Weekend is  just a beautiful memory for me, there are still a few things I would have liked to know before I set foot on campus.

  1. Map, Maps, Maps. – Even though I knew that I was directionally challenged before I came, I still underestimated how easy it was to get lost in Stanford’s sprawl of similar buildings and wide grassy areas. The map they provide you with will be one of your best friends when you hit campus. If you have a smartphone, you have an alternative – check out iStanford for navigation features across campus and fun facts about the school.

    Look at all those flowers and sunshine. And Admit Weekend is only a couple of days away.

  2. Don’t disregard the friends you make at Admit Weekend.  – Besides the fact that it’s nice to get to know people, you’d be surprised how many close relationships you develop with the people you’ve met at Admit Weekend when return in the fall. The may be in your freshman dorm or in some of your classes. Either way, it’s just good to have established friends if you’re traveling far from home.
  3. If your RoHo is busy, don’t hold it against them.  – While this is the end of senior year for many ProFros, for us Stanford undergrads, it’s the weekend before midterms. If your RoHo is running in and out and spending most of their time at Green Library, that doesn’t mean they were coerced into lending you their floor. They want to help out as many ProFros as possible, but they’re just busy! You’ll understand when you get here. We may be stressed occasionally but we’re also very happy.
  4. Don’t let the Marching Band scare you. –  One of the most intense and most beloved things about Stanford is the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band and the Tree. Their bright colors, fun songs  and ridiculous instruments aren’t a reflection of all things Stanford but they are definitely a sneak peek at part of our campus culture. We’re driven scholars, but we’re also laid-back, irreverent college students. It’s a fun combo.
  5. A lot of Californians go to Stanford. – It’s not the majority of the student body, but it’s significant enough to be noted. For someone from the East Coast (like me) who may have never even set foot in California before Stanford (also like me) this may be surprising. Although they may not know it, they are a fount of knowledge about the Bay Area and the state as a whole. Just as it’s important to get a good education, it’s important to understand the culture of the place where you’ll be living for four years. Let them be your guide to fascinating world outside Stanford and Palo Alto. I promise – it’s worth visiting.
  6. Visit another dorm besides the one you’re sleeping in.  – You’re going to have a packed weekend and may not have time for this, but it’s definitely a valuable experience. Although Stanford has a virtual tour of different room types, it’s not the same as seeing different rooms yourself. The living arrangements in Stern  (all frosh)  are very different from Florence Moore and Roble (4 Class Dorms).
  7. Bring a pair of sunglasses for the daytime and a jacket for the evenings.  – Stanford is a gorgeous campus with gorgeous weather. During the day time, you have to shade your eyes from the sun to prevent yourself from squinting as you travel across campus. But once the sun goes down, so does the temperature. The temperature can drop anywhere between 10 – 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Be prepared.
  8. Even if the Activities Fair seems overwhelming, attend.  – Besides the fact that you might get to meet some of the fabulous people from TUSB, you will also see the wide range of student groups and organizations. If you want to join a dance team for the first time, or have a new found passion for sustainability, there’s a table for you. O, and sometime you may even get free swag. And who doesn’t love that?
  9. Do one thing off the Admit Weekend prescribed path. – Kristi already listed many great ideas, but this suggestion is worth reiterating. Stanford is a place where students can allow their unique ideas and interests to flourish. We want everyone to explore different departments and ideas while they are in attendance here.  But you don’t have to wait till you get to Stanford – start now.

I wish I could give you more time to spend here, but  all I can provide is advice. Enjoy Admit Weekend!

Words Straight From the ProFros

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

At yesterday’s Activities Fair, a few intrepid ProFros were willing to try their hand at a little blogging for the first time because they couldn’t resist saying a few words about their first Stanford experience:

The ProFros seem so happy! And now we have proof. (Photo from Stanford Daily File Photo)

So whats wrong about Stanford? I am desperately trying to find some kind of objective bearing on which to judge an institution that everyone considers to be the best school ever.
Being the crazy person that I am,  I’ve tried to sleep in the academic expos like I do regularly at my high school, but the professors were just too interesting (sleepless and loving it). I found myself actually contributing and quite engaged (take that public school). I’ve tried to find activities that Stanford doesnt offer, and that, quite frankly, has been a total failure. I’ve tried to judge the crowd, but as far I’ve seen all that Stanford kids have to offer is cool music, a chill personality, and an unparalleled academic prowess.
So what’s wrong about Stanford? Ummmm……maybe Stanford is just too damn perfect.
The  Fosho Profro

Glee + Profros = An Awesome Admit Weekend

Friday, April 29th, 2011

If you watched Glee this week, and loved the mall scene, you’ll like the song linked below. Instead of Barbra Streisand, this tribute goes out to Admit Weekend.

Duck Sauce – Admit Weekend

The Perspective of a ProFro

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Hello from the floor of the Admit Weekend Activities Fair. We’re very excited to be here, bringing you THE SCOOP of what is on the typical ProFro mind this weekend. Keep reading for a wide array of the exciting stories and ramblings of the potential Stanford class of 2014:

Two crazy people just pulled me over and asked me to write on this. It’s simultaneously really cool and slightly bizarre. Enjoy my first attempt at blogging :-)

This place is ridic….in the best way possible of course. Loved the math is doodling/doodling is math course this morning.

What up Stanfordddddd 😀  Matthew, Josh and Carly reppin’ 14 😀

my name is michael. im definitely going to stanford. this place is awesome

hello. and yeahhhhhh!

coming from right here things look pretty nice :)

Nancy Nguyen: Bwahahahahahahah. When you’re in Stanford, no other place exists. :B

On behalf of Los Altosians, we’d like to say one word: Stanford.

Stanford…tis the place for me!

I came here undecided.  I’m leaving here decided: Stanford baby

^^ same

The Yankees are sooooooo good, but Stanford is great.

the band is awesome :)

I came here leaning towards MIT and now want to go here; this place is awesome! (x2)

just learned how to juggle at the chillest campus in the u.s. YEEEEEE!!

Just got here to admit weekend and it’s crazy! I’m having a good time and the people here are all involved which is inspiring

Admit Weekend 2010: The Best On the Schedule

Monday, April 19th, 2010

It seems like just last year when Stanford got itself in a frenzy to improve the dining hall food, ensure that the campus remained dry, bring out all clubs and groups in force, and recruit heavily to find more RoHos. It’s not every weekend that we have Admit Weekend, and to make it even more special, our guests are even more heavily vetted than ever before.

Here at TUSB, we pride ourselves on the contributions we make to giving open, honest opinions on what’s going on, and this week (or at least this post) is dedicated to all you ProFros. You’ve probably been contacted by your RoHo, and you might even have a nice packet explaining what you should be doing during your stay, but take it from us: Stanford can’t tell you what it should be like. Only biased, ignorant*, narrow-minded bloggers can do that. There’s a lot you should do, but here, I’ll give you the gentle introduction, picking out what I think the highlights of the schedule that I can see are.

Top 5 Academic Expos

When you get here, we’ll mostly focus on how fun Stanford is, but when it comes down to it, you actually do have to take classes to stick around. Here are what I think the best choices are:

5. The Mathematics of Doodling – Ravi Vakil (Session 1). Ravi Vakil is kind of a genius, being one of only 4 people to ever win the Putnam Competition 4 times. More importantly, he’s done tremendous work in Algebraic Geometry and will give you a taste of how math goes crazy after you stop using numbers and doing calculations. Trust me, Toto: we are definitely not in Kansas anymore

4. Ethical Considerations in Public Service – Rob Reich (Session 1). Honestly, I don’t know much about this guy, but he’s on my list for 2 reasons. 1) I’ve heard good things about him and 2) he teaches the IHUM: Freedom, Equality, Difference. I personally would probably rather watch Batman & Robin twice than sit through this, but if this is your sort of thing, it might be worth it to go for a test-run because you should CHOOSE YOUR IHUM WISELY.

3. Your Computer is More Random Than You Think It Is: How probability theory underlies web search, email, and many other things your computer does – Mehran Sahami (Session 2). Mehran is one of the most popular lecturers on campus. Of note, he teaches the introductory computer science class in the fall (for which he is an iTunes star: search “programming methodology” on the iTunes store), in which he throws candy for asking and answer questions, and delivers some of the funniest lectures I have ever heard. Oh, and he basically invented spam filtering.

2. The Perfect Economic and Financial Storm: Causes, Consequences, Solutions – Michael Boskin. One of things that you’ll learn is that when you come to Stanford, people here are kind of a big deal, and Michael Boskin is kind of a big deal. To be honest, I don’t know whether he teaches any classes here or speaks well, but this was the biggest name I saw on the list.

1. The Role of Sleep in Achieving Success at Stanford – William Dement. Sleep and Dreams is one of the most popular courses at Stanford as Dr. Dement (THE sleep doctor) is absolutely hilarious and has all sorts of good things to tell you about sleeping. I assure you, you will never see anything like his narcoleptic dogs that fall asleep when they get excited. And if you’re wondering about his street cred, he was on the team that discovered REM sleep. You will never have so much fun in a lecture.

Top 5 Events

5. Academic Expos (multiple times) – alright, I literally just covered this, but I want to re-emphasize: you’re going to take classes, and there really are awesome lecturers who are speaking. You’re skipping 2 days of high school. I think you can sit through a few 50 minute classes.

4. Hike the Dish (multiple times) – full disclaimer: I’ve never walked the Dish myself, but I’ve heard it’s amazing. The weather is supposed to be nice for the first Admit Weekend I can remember, and this should make you appreciate how much better the weather is at Stanford than anywhere else. Moreover, you’ll be going along with the SPOT leaders. Again, I didn’t do SPOT, but it was a tremendous experience for everyone I know who did it, and this should give you a chance to try to figure out another choice Stanford forces you to make before you get here.

3. Scott Forstall and YSU: The Official Close to Admit Weekend (Saturday at 4PM) – he led iPhone development. This guy changed the world. Scott’s just as brilliant a designer and leader as Steve Jobs with the attention to detail that makes Apple products what they are, except he isn’t a jerk. Granted, I’m a little biased, seeing as he’s a product of my own major (yes, that was a shameless plug), but this again reiterates my point that people here at Stanford are kind of a big deal. Thankfully, he’s also super-friendly and down to Earth. If you come to Stanford, you could be the next him.

2. A Cappella Concert (Friday at 8PM) – a cappella groups on campus are great. I am actually without words as to how good their shows are. And you’ll get to see them all!

1. Activities Fair (Friday at 11AM) – you’ll never get a better chance to see everything that Stanford offers. Sure, classes are important, faculty are famous, the campus is beautiful, but if you’re going to fall in love with anything at Stanford, it’s the passion and intellectual vitality of the students. You’ll get to meet all sorts of amazing groups, from the band to chess club. They range from minor hobbies to important activities, but they’re absolutely worth getting to know and getting involved with. And TUSB will be there, too.

Get excited because the schedule is jam-packed with great stuff, and it’s just a hint at the best 4 years of your life.

*you know at least I’m ignorant because I’m not even good enough to add an eye-catching picture to this post