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You win, Tablets.

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

So on my way home after finals this past Tuesday, I had the misfortune to have to carry 2 laptops (both partially broken) in my airport-dubbed “personal item” bag. Carrying one computer is already a pain, but after 2 computers and over 6 hours of getting on an off planes, my muscles felt like jelly.

The entire time I had serious envy of the crazy amount of people whipping out iPads and Kindles. And I also felt serious amazement. When had everyone jumped on the tablet bandwagon? I mean I understood that people were buying them off the shelves but it wasn’t until my semi-bulky laptop ran out of battery after an hour and a half that I finally saw why people could love them. If I just want to watch a movie or read, why would I want my whole laptop when I could something shiny and slim in the palm of my hand? I wasn’t working on America’s next greatest novel on the plane so what need did I have some keyboard?

So now with that miserable experience behind me, and my new-found love of Angry Birds thanks the Google Chrome extension so in addition to my current summer plans, I think I’m going to finally take a look at the options for tablets and/or e-readers. I tend to distrust new technologies that everyone loves but never really needed before. But my mistrust died with my arms. I’d love to hear some thoughts on the current tablet-PCs out right now.

What do you consider to be the best Tablet-PC?

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O, and for those of you who’ve never played Angry Birds, here is a cute introduction: